Thailand: Day 9 (Chatuchuk Weekend Market & Flight to Phuket)

Day 9 started out like this: 

We were back on the BTS Sky Train. Someone asked me if people ever took pictures of Steve because he is so tall. No, but it did make it a lot easier to find him: 

This is where we got off the train, about three or four blocks away from the Chatuchuk Weekend Market.

There was lots of craziness to walk through: 

If we hadn't been careful, we could have spent all of our money before we even made it to the market. Here the girls are bargaining for some cellphone cord covers: 

They were quick to spot Rainbow Looms: 

The food options were endless:

We dropped off Steve at the park with Adam and Kaleigh:

 And then the  rest of us went to check out the market:

Once only popular among wholesalers and traders, Chatuchak Weekend Market has developed into a must-see destination for tourists. Opened in 1982, the market now covers 25 acres and has around 10,000 different stalls. You can buy everything from silk scarves to All-Stars:

And all of the spices in the world: 

Recognize the beautiful wood carving in the back?

Then it was back to relieve Steve from kid-duty at the park:

Did I mention that it was hot?

We went back and bought some popsicles from this lady:

I bought myself a coconut . . . my favorite. And this is what Lucy thought about it: 

I went back to find Steve at the market and saw all sorts of cool things: 

I wanted to buy this gong . . . until they told me it would cost $1000 to ship it home:

After seeing as many of the 10,000 stalls as we could handle, we said goodbye to the market:

Goodbye coconuts:

Goodbye to all of the food stands: 

Steve couldn't pass up on this chicken leg: 

Raleigh decided that she needed a pink hotdog:

It took forever to cook, and then she decided she didn't like it. I was going to make her eat it . . . until Steve told me I should taste it and it was crazy spicy. 

We rode the sky train back to our hotel: 

And bought some waffles . . . lots better than the pink hotdog:

We rode taxis to the airport and spent a little too much time repacking our luggage and putting some of it in the airport locker storage. And then we caught our flights to Phuket on the best airline ever: Bangkok Airways. 

All ticketed passengers were welcome in the Bangkok Airways lounge, where they had pastries, sandwiches, snacks, and beverages (including hot chocolate). We hadn't eaten dinner so the kids loaded up with as much as we could carry . . . and then more than one of them spilled while we were sitting at our gate waiting for the plane. 

As soon as we got on the plane, the kids were given these cute little sticker books, which kept them busy (and happy): 

And then they fed us a full meal. On a flight that was only an hour long. Crazy.

And the best part of the flight? It was almost completely empty:

The views were pretty incredible too:

Seriously though, the customer service was remarkable and I will fly with Bangkok Airways any time I have the chance.

By the time we got to the Holiday Inn Resort in Phuket, it was dark. We checked in, went swimming in this pool (the picture was taken the next morning), washed some laundry in our hotel room, confirmed our ferry tickets, repacked our luggage for the hundredth time, and then Steve and I went and got foot massages at the massage parlor next door.

Good night, Phuket!