He's got the skills to pay the bills

I should have anticipated the request for these videos. These are posted without Derrick's permission. As in, I'm not going to ask him, so he doesn't get the opportunity to say no.

The first video shows Derrick and his new All Stars. Rebecca's friend bought them for Derrick a few weeks after he arrived. He was elated with the gift and gleamed with delight every time he put them on. Derrick maintained his Chuck Taylor's with great care and kept wearing them, even when his feet grew to exceed the shoes by multiple sizes.

The second video exhibits Derrick's singing (and dancing) skills. We held an American Idol competition for our Family Home Evening activity. He was seriously disappointed when Steve voted for me and Rachel's performance. I still laugh every time I watch it.

Dancing with the All Stars. January 25, 2005.

FHE American Idol. March 30, 2005.


Julee said...

I love it! I'm so glad you didn't ask his permission, he probably wouldn't have let you post them! What a cute kid!

Kristin said...

Those were very funny! I loved watching them. Maybe you could post the one of him eating a grasshopper.

Debra said...

Aaron and I were dying. So freaking funny. I've seen the dancing one before, but the singing one was a treat. lol. He'll kill you when he finds out you posted that.

Rebecca said...

The grasshopper one would make a great addition. I agree with that:)

Marv Call was my friend who sent Derrick the shoes. I saw some cute baby ones in pink today...maybe I will get them for Baby M.

Katie said...

Ha! I love him. I totally remember him dancing in the tiny bar area of Sabor....good times. I still remember when he started working at Sabor too...and one day said, "What are you doing after work?" I wasn't sure how to reply...and he followed it with, "Can you take me to WalMart to get some zinc?" HA! He wanted zinc to make his hair grow. So funny...he's such a nice kid. And you guys are such a nice family- hope things are going well in Ogden and at Sonora Grill- we sure miss you all at Sabor!