I had a birthday

It was very pleasant and the day ended in lots of laughter. I don't always get presents that I can brag about, so I will gladly take this opportunity to do so. 

Favorite present #1
Steve took the day off and came to Logan with us. I'll admit, I had my doubts that he would actually leave the restaurant. He worked five hours in the morning, but then he came. We went to dinner at Hamiltons. We ate our favorite things: Potato Spring Rolls, Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella Salad, and Steak Pasta. I did not get sick. 

Speaking of mozzarella, I have a really funny story involving Steve and a spelling bee at Utah State. M-O-T. . . and then the audience (and judge) erupted in laughter. 

Favorite present #2
There had been a lot of whispering and giggling at our house concerning the gift Steve and the girls were working on. I opened the box and thought I was being given red gym clothes. That would have been fitting, since Steve is concerned with the amount of meat and fatty foods I consumed this week. Then I read the book, written and illustrated by Steve and the girls. It goes a little like this:

Mama, Mama Red Pajama
You're the world's best pajama Mama. 
Doing laundry and cooking meals.
You always find the very best deals. 
When we're sick, you take care of us.
And drive us around like you're the bus. 
Mama, Mama Red Pajama
Thanks for loving us through all the drama. 

If you don't know why it's so funny, then you need to read this book (one of our favorites):

Favorite present #3
This is what I got from Derrick: 

The box contains Derrick's last two "wife beater" shirts. I don't approve of them and had been asking (or more likely nagging) him to stop wearing them. He had repeatedly declined. He even hid an iTunes gift card under the shirt scraps. What a great gift. Even if it did make me feel like my parents and their unconventional gift requests. 

Favorite present #4 
I haven't received this one yet, but we got the news on my birthday, so it counts. Steve won a three-day vacation to Las Vegas. I have spent the last twelve months confined to northern Utah and am very anxious to go on a trip. I am aware that Vegas is no tropical island, but you take what you can get when your husband works 80-hour weeks. 

I've already spent some time online day-dreaming about a couple of my favorite restaurants, with one disappointment. I've spent the last year planning to transport some Roasted Corn Soup from Mesa Grill to Chef Chris, in hopes that he could replicate it, but it has been removed from the menu. I will have to find a new love. 


Rebecca said...

Maybe they will still make you the sauce even though it's not on the menu. So are you taking the kiddos on the trip?

I'm glad you had a great birthday!

Debra said...

I kept wondering why your b-day wasn't showing up on FB in my reminders, but knew it was this week. Happy Late Birthday. The kids gift was great! Glad you had a great day (and with Steve too! Thats a day to celebrate in and of itself)

The Ballard's said...

Happy Birthday. I am excited about your gifts & can't wait to read the book.

Julee said...

Happy Birthday Emily, I'm so glad you got to eat yummy food without getting sick! Sounds like you had a great day...:)

Kacie said...

Ah....the MOTTSARELLA store. A classic.

Amanda said...

Oh I'm so glad you had a good birthday! You definitely deserved it!

Rachel said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Emily. We love "Llama, Llama" at our house, so it was so fun to read about the book by Steve and the kids. Very cute. So glad you have a blog now! The Internet is amazing -- I am grateful that it has allowed us to reconnect after all these years.