Thirty Pictures

The idea was to post thirty pictures from thirty years. But I can't get my scanner to work, and I am too busy with some other projects.

So here are thirty pictures of Steve that are already on my computer to commemorate his thirtieth birthday. Happy Birthday, old man.

Causey Dam, June 2001

Glacier National Park, August 2001

Truck Driver Steve, August 2001

Waterton, Canada, August 2001

Rocker Steve, September 2001

Home, Sweet Home, September 2001

Logan Canyon, September 2001

Logan Temple, October 2001

Backyard View, October 2001

Kino, Mexico, December 2001

Roller Skating Party, 2001

Steve, Gabriel, Tyrone, January 2002

Nahoon Beach, January 2002

St John's Port, March 2002

Coffee Bay, March 2002

Mossel Bay, March 2002

Steve & Rachel, February 2003

Logan Canyon, April 2003

Dave, Steve, Mike, June 2003

Teton National Park, Father's Day 2004

Tampa, Florida, February 2005

California, November 2006

American West Heritage Center, April 2007

Adam's Baby Blessing, June 2007

Spiral Jetty, September 2007

Rachel's Birthday, January 2008

Snowbasin, February 2008

Farmers Market, September 2008


Stephanie said...

Man, is there a place you two haven't been? I thought it was cool that we'd been to New York, but you've traveled the world! Twice over!!

Julee said...

Loved the pics~wish Steve a Happy Birthday for us!

Kristin said...

Pictures of "you were just married Steve" look nothing like "today Steve" it's pretty crazy the difference.

Rebecca said...

What a great post Emily! I think I might copy you since Tyler's bday is on Saturday. Thanks also for the ipod post:)

Happy Birthday Steve! You have accomplished so much in 30 years! I can't think of a better companion to Emily than you. She is a lucky lucky girl and your kids are so lucky to have you as their dad:) Wishing you happiness and success in everything!!!!!!!!!

i'm h.mac said...

great post, you guys are quite the world travelers! i love it!
i am sad we missed you guys last night. we caught richard and gloria and had a fun time chatting with steve. i could die a happy woman eating there every stinkin day. i had this crazy idea last night as i was half asleep. steve was talking to us about advertising and the general restaurant life and then he told us about derick's new job at the hospital cafeteria. we frequent that place a lot meeting up for 30 minutes inbetween surgeries and late nights and i remembered that sometimes at lunch they bring in local restaurants to provide a 5 or 6 dollar meal. it seems like it is on wednesdays. it is always popular in the cafeteria because the hospital employees are always craving something new. i thought that would be a great place to advertise. the doctors eat in the cafeteria a ton. i know the hospital departments have lots of parties that are specific to the departments. anyway, i just thought i might be an idea to advertise among a group that is always looking for places to have parties and luncheons beyond the cafeteria food. the featured restaurant would always have 2 choices. anyways, it was just this crazy idea that came into my head last night. and i think it would be a blast to get together with our families!

emily ballard said...

Stephanie: Steve used to travel as often as he could come up with excuses to do so (but not nearly as much as YOUR husband!) Unfortunately. . . or maybe it's fortunate for me. . . he won't be able to go very far for the next few years.

I have been the recipient of some pretty sweet souvenirs over the years. Sometimes I get caught putting them in the D.I. pile. And sometimes I keep them as proof for future jeering.

Kristin: I'll happily take some credit for that. If it was meant to be a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to big 30! The food was wonderful like always last night.