Tubing at Snowbasin

The Birthday Girl

Rachel wanted to go tubing at Snowbasin for her birthday, so we decided to celebrate a little early while Dave and his family were still in town from Florida. Leslie and the kids had never seen snow before this Utah trip, so it was a pretty big deal.

Tubing at Snowbasin is a piece of cake for parents because there is a tow lift. It's really fun to go sledding with kids when you don't have to carry them up the hill. And Snowbasin's groomed tubing hill is steep enough to get some good speed, but controlled enough to avoid injuries.

Dave, Mike, Steve, Emily, Karen, Angie, Leslie

A good time was had by all (even Grandma Gloria!) but the sun goes down behind the mountain at about two-thirty in the afternoon, and it gets cold fast. The die-hard tubers (including Rachel, Jake, Ethan, and most of the adults; excluding myself) stayed until the hill closed. The rest of us are jealous of their stories about short lines, glorious snowball fights, and tubing crazy-high up the "brake check hill". I do believe the adults may have had more fun than the children with this activity.

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