Be careful out there

This is a public service announcement for all Utah residents about SONAR - Sex Offender Notification and Registration:

Click here to search for sex offenders by address. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the box. (You are agreeing not to use the information to harass or threaten offenders or members of their families.) This allows you to search for offenders in your area (or your sister's, daughter's, mother's, or friend's area) and register for email alerts, so the Utah Department of Corrections will notify you when an offender moves within the radius of your registered address.

I do hope your neighborhood fares better than mine. There are 60 registered sex offenders within a 1/2-mile radius of my house and 149 within 1-mile. Probably the scariest statistic is that there are 9 within a block. Yikes! I would be interested to hear how Ogden compares to your neighborhood. . . in and out of Utah. (I'm guessing there are similar sex offender registry searches available in other states.)

But don't think safety it all about the numbers. Living in downtown Ogden, I am very aware of the perils around me. In some ways, I feel like the increased consciousness of our surroundings keeps us better protected than those living in more secure communities with an incorrect assumption of safety. For example, the very same day a registered sex offender moved onto my road, a neighbor went door-to-door distributing papers with his photo and information.

I am happy to be living in downtown Ogden and do feel like we are contributing to the progression of this area. But that doesn't mean we don't have plenty of interesting stories. I am sorry that the latest was this infraction involving my parents' van:

We do hope you will come back to visit us again. Please know that you are always welcome to park in the driveway :)


Anonymous said...

Dad and I will be there tomorrow--in our other vehicle. Save a spot in the driveway for us.
P.S. There are no sex offenders within a one-half radius of our house.

Rebecca said...

Wow! Those are some high numbers! I had never done a search before and I just did one for our address and here are the results:
1 mile radius-5
2 miles-11
3 miles-18

I think you are right though about the level of caution when living in a "safe" versus "unsafe" neighborhood. Although our little community feels so safe I have to remind myself that we live near a BIG city. There are 10 strip clubs just along the freeway on Tyler's 20 mile commute to work. Our neighbor told us yesterday to make sure and keep our garage down because they saw some kids who were stealing bikes the other day and that someone else had some thieves follow her home from the grocery store and stole her purse as she was unloading groceries.

I'm so sorry to hear about mom and dad's van! That stinks!

@udj said...

I plugged in our address and we have 2 within a .5mile radius. I also did my parent's address and they have 2 in their .5 radius as well. I never want to live in fear, but it is always good to be aware of your surroundings, and your friend's :)