I have a boy

Here are a list of his accomplishments from the last 36 hours:

Snuck into Steve's leftover birthday cake and helped himself to a few handfuls.

After I cleaned him up and moved the cake, he climbed up onto the counter, stole the Red Velvet cake with red frosting, and carried it upstairs to my bedroom to eat in private. (His little scheme left red frosting stains on every other stair.)

Dumped out half a bowl of SpaghettiOs onto the floor and wiped the rest in his hair.

Pulled the dirty, soaking dishes out of the kitchen sink, poured the dirty water out on the floor, and lined everything up on the counter.

Ate a mouthful of half-chewed gummy worms, and then threw them up.

Poured a cup of hot chocolate onto the kitchen floor and then danced around in it, in Lucy's shoes.

Threw everything from the two night stand drawers in my bedroom out on the floor.

Spent the afternoon jumping off Lucy's bed.

Drew on my white desk with a purple Sharpie marker.

Dumped out folded laundry from two laundry baskets.

Caused a flood on the bathroom floor with water from the tub.

Hung from the towel bar in my bathroom. (At least he weighs less than Lucy, so he didn't rip it out of the wall like she did in her bathroom last week.)

Peed on the rug in his bedroom.

Entertained himself by climbing up the side of his crib, falling in head-first, and then climbing up on the top ends, riding it like a horse, jumping off, and then doing the whole stunt over again.

I put him to bed tonight in his crib and he stood up and begged, "Gum, gum, gum?" He stuck his fingers in my mouth, pulled out my gum, and quickly put it into his mouth and started chewing. And then this charming boy laid down, grinned from ear to ear, and blew me kisses.

I think he was quite pleased with his day.


The Ballard's said...

Love that BOY!!

Stephanie said...

Definately a boy. Although, Keilie has been known to do her share in a short amount of time. I love all their shinanigans. I'd love to know what they're thinking while they are doing all these stunts. Although, it's not hard to know about the cake. I want that often too!

Julee said...

Wow! Sounds like Adam and the twins would get along great. :)

Debra said...

I can just see him with his squinty-eye grin looking up at you, who couldn't love that!

Kacie said...

Hmmm....remember about a year ago when you watched Fred for me and he peed on the rug and drew on your desk with marker? Well...I guess it really could have been worse.

Love the cake story. It has been cracking me up.

Bridgett said...

He really is 100% boy and accomplished a lot of mischief in only 36 hours. I can't wait until Darwin is just like that. I think I will tie him up or something.

Hess said...

It's true, why are boys so different? They never want to stop moving.

i'm h.mac said...

i love it! how do we survive it all?

James and Jade Bethers said...

Sounds like you have your hands full!:)

Jaci said...

and I was worried about mine starting to roll over? :) I am in for it aren't I? Boys will be boys I guess. I bet I won't be laughing when I have to put up with it at my house. :)
He grew up so fast! We were in the same ward when he was brand new! Crazy!

Molly said...

phew... how exhausting. hang in there.