iPods are great for kids

Here's the whole story:

Rachel and Lucy each got a Fisher Price Kid Tough FP3 Player when Adam was born. The idea was that they could put on their headphones and listen to music or stories when he was crying. I wasn't impressed. At all. The FP3 player was indestructible and it was simple to use, but I became very annoyed with the FP3 file format used to load music. And while volume control might be a good idea, the loudest setting was way too quiet. Profoundly quiet.

So we gave up on the FP3 players and got the girls iPod shuffles last year. They were similar in price ($39), but much smaller than the FP3 players. They are easy to use, don't require batteries, and are fairly durable. I became a big fan of shuffles for kids. Even little kids, like Adam. My kids love listening to their own music in the car, and I enjoy being able to talk on the phone without little ears hearing my conversations. Rachel and Lucy have even learned most of the Articles of Faith by listening to the Primary songs.

I recently inherited an iPod nano, and I quite enjoy it, as well. They are a bit pricier ($79) but very impressive. Last week I loaded some 500 pictures on my nano (it barely took up any space) and now I take it with me everywhere I go. Even church. The girls love looking at pictures of themselves and Adam loves to pretend it's his iPhone. Sometimes I pretend I have an iPhone too.

I downloaded Pac-Man onto the nano and I honestly believe it is helping me become more patient since I have something fun to do while I wait for things. Like Steve. And I kind of feel like a real grandma since I have pictures of Mykaeleigh on my iPod and can pull it out and show them to people when they ask about her. But I still haven't decided if it's okay to let the kids play Pac-Man at church. It seems like it should be kosher since there is no sound and it will keep them quiet?

When I was looking through old photos to load on my nano, I finally found this video of Rachel. It's been missing for a couple of years and I was afraid I had lost it.

Maybe I should see if SpaghettiOs will put Adam to sleep. He's climbed out of his crib six times today.

Rachel and her weekly after-church SpaghettiO nap.
September 2004.

Update: I have been informed that I posted the wrong video. Here is the other, apparently funnier, video of Rachel. I have no idea whose voice is in the background:



Stephanie said...

We got our kids shuffles for Christmas this year. It was a pretty quiet day. I love them too.

The Ballard's said...

Sold. Now I just need some money to buy them...

I love that sometimes you pretend you have an Iphone too.

That video is darling.