As if anyone needs another frivolous-but-fun online distraction, look at this neat website that transfers your digital photos into polaroid-style pictures: www.poladroid.net.

I was enjoying the application of giving recent photos a retro look, but then I decided to throw some dated pictures in there to see how they turned out. I love them.

I think it probably falls into the same category as Google Earth. You probably shouldn't even go there, unless you have some serious time to squander.


Stephanie said...

That one of you and Adam is so cute. I love his little wrinkled forhead. That is by far my favorite part of babies!

The Millers said...

You look so young in that picture with Adam, Emily! I now understand a bit more what you were saying about it being hard for you to pass as a mother to a six-year old.

And, I meant to tell you how much I enjoyed the 30 pictures you posted of Steve for his birthday. He looks like such an interesting guy, and it looks like the two of you have done some amazing things together. We were in Waterton and Glacier National Parks in August of 2001 as well -- for our honeymoon. Such a small world.

Chelsie said...

oh heavens i've spent the last half hour on there now...haha, i love it though. thanks for the post. the pics are so cute!!

Kristin said...

Cute Poloraids. Love em'!

Rebecca said...

love it!