Win a date with Jed Platt

This is my neighbor, Jed Platt:

He told me this afternoon that my blog was funny. I really hope he is of the same mind after he reads this post.

Jed is our favorite neighbor. Rachel and Lucy run over to say hi whenever they see him outside. Sometimes he even lets them "help" rake leaves. I really hope we can still be friends, even though I'm taking the liberty to host this contest without his permission.

Here's how this is going to work. I am going to give you a few reasons why you (or someone you know) would want to win a date with Jed. Then you need to leave a comment and let me know why you (or someone you know) should be the winner.

Since I am presenting this contest without Jed's consent, I think it is only fair to offer that you can enter someone into the contest without their consent.

1. He is a talented designer and a devoted historian. There were a dozen other pictures to choose from (oh, the perils of facebook) but this cute little kitchen kind of makes me wish I was going to be the caretaker of his bed & breakfast.

2. He has an incredibly sweet mother.
3. He is still in his thirties.

4. He throws a pretty impressive Halloween party. (Five years running.)

5. He's the only LDS guy I know who owns a Methodist church. (It's part of his current renovation project.)

6. He shoveled our entire sidewalk today, by hand, even though he knows we have a snowblower. He didn't know that it was broken. (Thanks. I was going to bake you cookies or something to show you my appreciation, but then I decided this would be so much more fun.)

7. He likes to eat at Sonora Grill. Which brings me to the concluding details of this contest. This contest will close on Sunday, February 15 at 12:00 midnight. Jed and winner will enjoy a dinner for two at Sonora Grill.

If you think someone who reads your blog might be interested in this contest, feel free to post a link!


The Ballard's said...

He is adorable. I will be thinking. Oooh I might know someone. Do you think one day I could meet the infamous Jed. You guys are always talking about him & his place and I would like to meet him & view his place.

Rebecca said...

I am nominating my friend Danielle. I will email you her picture:) (Natalie Bogren's BFF)

Lori said...

your facebook status intrigued me. so i checked your blog. in fact i have a sister-in-law who should be set up with him. Allison is her name. email me at vanandlori@gmail.com and i'll send you the deets.

Kacie said...

I know someone! Her name is Emily and we were roomates at USU. She lives in Provo now so that might be too far away.....but I nominate her anyway. She is REALLY pretty and cool.

Dancing Dream said...
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Stephanie said...

I would have to say my friend Tara Payne. She is an incredibly sweet, exciting, compassionate, funny, romantic person, who hasn't found the right guy yet. She loves to talk about her calling at a "troubled" facility, and tells of activities she hosts for her friends. He is 28, single, with beautiful long strawberry blonde hair, that has been down to her waste and beautiful for as long as I've known here. I hope you pick her. She is on facebook, too. It must be a sing!!

The Ballard's said...

I have just the girl & the good news is, I got her consent!! It is Kari, that I told you about. Tell Jed he can check her out @ www.parkerandkari.blogspot.com
You know, provided he knows about this shenanigan.

Rebecca said...

Ya, so what does Jed say 'bout all this?

Rebecca said...

btw, I think Danielle should win because I was the first to respond and true the "rules" by not telling my friend about it beforehand:) However, she does know about it now and she is excited to WIN!

And besides that, she's HOT!
and nice
and smart
and fun
and really cool
I mean, she's my friend, so of course!

Kari and Parker said...

I think I should be picked.. for heck sakes I did date Steve (ok I guess you cant really say "date" when you are only 12) in the 7th grade...probably for a whole two weeks!! And Angie was the first one who responded...and I was THE one she was referring too....... and I live in North Ogden...close to Sonora Grill ;) heck we could even all go out.. then Angie could meet this Jed and I could say hello to Steve and meet you as well! I am pretty sure that I am THE best choice for this..... and my friends are wanting me to do this bad too.... so its a win win situation!

Kari and Parker said...

....after reading that.. I realized it sounded like I just want to win.. just to win. But I have honestly been searching for a great man for the past five years.. my son Parker is six almost seven and is a great kid. I am simple, fun and am up for anything..I teach primary and work at a new cancer center.. I am a fun chick (agree with my Angie...) just had to add that in there ;)

The Ballard's said...

Kari is hilarious!!

emily ballard said...

This is wonderful! Props to Kari for being the first one to officially enter herself.

I guess I didn't really think through how this should all work. Do I pick the winner? Do I let Jed pick the winner?

I think it's time to let him know about this little contest.

libertyjed said...

um, wow. so like this is SERIOUS? do these women realize I am a total social nerd? i may be a bachelor, but i'm not THE bachelor...maybe this is more like Fear Factor: endure a date with this guy and win a free dinner! (some people have been known to do ANYTHING for Sonora salsa.)

emily ballard said...

Social nerd? Sorry, we don't buy it.

I've never known a social nerd who opened a historic bed & breakfast and cultural arts complex: 2604jefferson.com.

I've never known a social nerd who received so many thank you notes: www.edenevents.org/oldredchurch.memories.htm

And I've never known a social nerd who hosts so many great events. My family is hoping that the Christmas Eve Nativity is an annual tradition.

Kari and Parker said...

I will take a social nerd ;) I seriously search for nerds with big hearts... I can bring the social part out of you!!

Amanda said...

Well if you want another entry, I'm willing to enter my friend Rachel without hr knowledge. She'd totally be up for it though! So, you know, let me know. :)
And by the way, you totally get bonus points for being the first to comment, and you don't have to run to be my best friend. Just gotta put up with my craziness, random singing spurts, and need to eat ice cream when I'm sad. :)

Jaime said...

OK- looks like you have a plethora of choices, but I'm still nominating my sister. She's the greatest & is totally down for it. Let me know what info you might want!!

joanie said...

I don't need to win a date with Jed but I will second your opinion as I know he is both sweet and funny and has always been a dear friend with my cousins. He is a quality man. I am asking myself how is he in Utah and still single. One never knows just let go and let God remember it's all about His timing.

Dancing Dream said...

So, if I was single, I would for sure "enter" :) So, since I can't win a date with Jed, I'm going to submit my awesome roommate. We are pretty much friend-soulmates anyway :)
I'll send you a message on facebook with the info, if that's ok!

jayna said...

i am a good friend of jed's... (at least from my end we are good friends) :) i've known him now for 13 years. and this is the most fabulous blog post i've seen in maybe forever. i don't even know you, but i LOVE that you are doing this. jed is one of my favorites. there is no end to the list of amazing qualities i could sit and rattle off... i've got someone too, but that one i would need a consent from her on.. will keep you posted. oh and jed? this is AWESOME.

lolita said...

I am one of Jed's friends as well and I have to agree with everything Jayna posted. Jed is amazing! I think one of my favorite things about Jed is his sense of humor. He is so quick and witty. I love being around him because he makes me laugh more than anyone else I know. I love, Love, LOVE him!! Go Jed!