Boys will be boys

This is what happens when Adam sneaks back into the bathroom before the tub has drained:

(Last week it was my makeup.)

This is what happens when Derrick goes grocery shopping for our family:



Ramanda said...

C'mon...generic brand spam is so versatile and has an exceptional shelf life! Ha ha fun times at your house!

P.S. Where did that alfredo recipe go? I was looking forward to that!

emily ballard said...

The recipe is back up now. I don't know why it disappeared for a minute.

Spam could have been funny. Generic spam is just disgusting!

The Ballard's said...

Good news, I found my makeup, it wasn't Adam.
The good thing about boys, they will eat that crap. Feed it to him & he won't even mind.

Either way, I am still a sucker for boys, especially your short one:)

Amanda said...

Gotta love them!

Aneesa Bee said...

Maybe you'll need to be more specific next time. . . .