Las Vegas

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I copied this idea from my creative friend, Molly. I thought it would be a good way to tell you about our trip, minus the sarcasm. Like airports, Vegas just has a way of bringing out the cynicism in me. The hate component of my love-hate relationship with Las Vegas is accentuated by the fact that I stick out like a sore thumb. My standard ensemble of a sweater, Keen shoes, and pants-that-actually fit won me the award for the most conservatively-dressed female on the strip (again). And this year's entrants included the 75-year old grandmas riding down the sidewalk on their Rascals.

This picture shows how extreme the badgering was. Count them. There are ELEVEN, each about two feet apart from each other. We've never seen it so bad. I think I will see if there is a Las Vegas tourism board I can complain to.

One of my very favorite restaurants. I am still very disappointed that the Roasted Corn Soup has been removed from the menu.

These other photos show what Steve takes pictures of on trips. We have thousands of photos like these from Las Vegas, Chicago, and Mexico. Those seem to be his "inspiration destinations".

One of my favorite dishes from the trip: Chilaquiles from Mesa Grill.

Steve would like some of these for the patio. Can anyone identify them for us?


Molly said...

who needs those stupid filler words anyways.

i love the image of tall you standing out in your keens in vegas. isn't vegas crazy.

those inspiration destination's have obviously paid of with the restaurant. that place looks great. really. even the bathrooms were cool.

Jaime said...

I was on a similar thought pattern in Vegas last week. I felt old, stuffy, prudish, protective & a little embarrassed. And guess what- I kinda liked it. I don't belong in Vegas!