More Miller Pictures

I know it's a little strange to post this many pictures of someone else's kids on my blog. But look at these great pictures that Rachel (Ballard) took. We sent the kids outside to play, and she took the newly-designated "kids' camera" with her and snapped away. Rachel just told me that she and Ellery were hoping some of their posed pictures would make the blog, but they were too embarrassed to ask. Happy to oblige. 

Rachel also took a bunch of pictures when our babysitter was here. I think I might really like having a little photographer around. She can capture all the moments that I miss (in their truest form), and I can find out exactly what I missed without the usual prodding. 

Yikes. Please ignore the messy garage.


The Zoo

Lucy's preschool went on a field trip to Hogle Zoo today.

She came home with quite a few souvenirs. More than the five dollars I gave her could buy. Here's how our conversation went:

Did somebody else pay for some of your things at the zoo? (No.)
Did your student teacher give you extra money? (No.)
Did Jake give you some of his money? (No. I wasn't with Jake, I was with Emma.)
Did Emma give you some of her money? (No.)
Did any of the other kids give you money? (No.)

And then, after all of that, she finally told me that all she spent was the five dollars I gave her and the other five dollars she found on the floor of the bus.

Did she tell Miss Jill about the money she found? (No.)
Did she ask and see if anyone lost their money? (No.)

Great. I'm sure some preschool kid ended up crying when they couldn't find their money to spend in the gift shop. And I'll bet some of the preschool moms think I was trying to one-up everyone else by sending Lucy with ten bucks instead of five.

At least she made it back. Without getting lost this time.

The Millers

I think this was the last time I had actually seen my friend,
Rachel, in person. When would this have been. . . 1998?

Until tonight. What a fun little reunion we had.
With lots of kids, who all happen to be the same ages.

Campbell, Rachel, Bennett, Lucy, Ellery, Rachel, Reagan, Adam, Emily

I think these two will be great friends, just like their madres.


For Sale

Anyone in the market for one (or two) of these:
Steve decided they took up too much room in the restaurant, so he downsized from three to one.

My parents think we should keep one for a handcart, but we just don't have room in the garage.

I'm tempted to give one to a homeless guy walking down Washington Boulevard. It would be like the Ferrari of all shopping carts.

The possibilities are endless. But I would rather have $250. Any takers? Here's the craigslist link for more info.


This video is from last year when we went and tried the indoor surfing at Flowrider. Once Lucy got out in the middle, she didn't weigh enough to move her bodyboard. (I'm thinking she'll be okay this year.)

It was funny for the first few minutes, but after a while, the rest of the people in line got a little impatient for their turn. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't hold the camera steady for any of the subsequent videos. After some intense coaxing, we finally got her to crash her board.

We're planning to go try it again on Friday, May 8 at 10:00 pm. It's only $5.00, so come join us!


Saturday's Loot

2 Harvest Shares = $28 
(I got extra tomatoes because they ended up with a surplus.)

Convinced yet? 
Click here for more information on joining the Community Food Co-op. 
May's deadline is on the 15th. 


Morning Sickness Medicine

I typed this up as an email to send to a friend and then decided I should post it in case someone else might need it. And that, Ragan, is another reason why I like having a blog :)

There are three levels of nausea medicines that doctors in Cache Valley prescribe. The first one is called Bendoxy or Doxylamine/Pyridox (generic). These are usually prescribed in 10 mg capsules and you can take one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and two at night. They won't do anything to help severe nausea, but can be useful in conjunction with other pills or as you start feeling a little better. Bendoxy is actually a combination of Vitamin B6 and Unisom that you can make yourself, but much easier to get in capsule form from Spence's Pharmacy. Bendoxy has an FDA pregnancy rating B, meaning there is no evidence of risk in humans.

The next one is called Phenergan or Promethazine (generic). These are prescribed in 25 mg tablets. They will knock you out. I have memories of taking Phenergan and then locking myself in Rachel's room and falling asleep on the floor while she played with her toys. Most people I know only take them at night. If you can't keep any medicine down, Phenergan is also available as a suppository. Phenergan has a FDA pregnancy rating of C, which means that risk can not be ruled out. It used to really bother me that I was required by my insurance to use a C drug before I could get Zofran, which has a B rating.

Zofran is the miracle drug. Most doctors won't prescribe this until you have tried the first two medications because that's what it will take to get your insurance to cover it. These are usually prescibed in 4 mg or 8 mg. If you get on Zofran, you want to be sure to get another one in your system before the first one wears off. (Probably every eight hours.) The pills used to cost $15 each, which really added up at three pills per day. Then Cache Valley Pharmacy started making their own (somehow slightly different generic version) but they still cost me $600 per month, after insurance. And then one miraculous day, they just started charging me less. Now Zofran is available in generic form as Ondansetron and should be much more affordable.

The best home-remedy I found was ginger, but most ginger pills don't really have enough ginger in them to be very effective. There is a drink called Reed's Natural Ginger Ale. The regular version has 17 grams of ginger in it and the extra strength has something like 26 grams. I would drink half a bottle or so (it's very strong and kind of gross) when I started feeling like I was going to throw up or right after. I recommend this stuff to everyone I know who is pregnant. It's almost as if it is so strong that it burns your throat and stomach enough to ease the nausea so you can get some food down. It should still be available at Smith's Marketplace or Shangri La, but you can also look them up online at www.reedsgingerbrew.com. They come in the green glass bottles shown above and are sold in four-packs for $4. I tried some of the candy too because glass bottles that look like beer aren't always convenient to carry around. . . especially if people know you are pregnant. The ginger ale never sounded good, and I never wanted to drink it, but Steve would make me and then I would feel better.

Other tips:
Always have snacks with you.
Eat a little bit all day (and night) long, even when you don't want to.
Don't eat things you don't want to throw up. (Like the BBQ Chicken Salad from Hamilton's)

Good foods to try:
Lemon or lime flavored popsicles (make your own)
Lipton Noodle Soup
Snapple a Day (or other meal replacement beverage)
Goldfish crackers


Craft Day Crepes

I do believe this is the very first time I have documented a Craft Day before my sister-in-law, Angie. (That makes me feel strangely efficient.) Angie painted the girls' nails, and I will probably need to add some toe pictures because this was no ordinary fingernail polish. Glittery. Acrylic. Very fancy stuff. 

We followed this recipe for Clawson Family Favorite Crepes and then made another version with chicken, alfredo sauce, and spinach. I must not be very good at whisking milk into flour and eggs because my crepes looked like they had the chicken pox. At least they still tasted great. Most of the kids downed four or five crepes and Rachel even appraised it, "the best dinner ever!" And since the kids got to spray whipped cream on top of their crepes, that qualified our crepe dinner as the craft. 

P.S. That box in the background contains a lemonade stand, which will emerge at a future Craft Day. Get your own free Sunkist lemonade stand here. 

P.P.S. Angie's talents extend far beyond nail painting. You can actually purchase her amazing handwriting for only $1.99 as a font through this link. It's so impressive that Sonora Grill has recently hired her to address the Sonora Club birthday postcards. (We take written correspondence with our customers very seriously.)  

Sleep, Wonderful Sleep

Thanks to these magic pills (actually, one-half of a pill that must be completely powderized to avoid oral detection), Adam slept through the night last night.

What a relief. Have I ever told you how much we love our pediatrician?


Get Ready for Taco Tuesday

$1.50 Tacos at Sonora Grill, every Tuesday.

More information and your chance to win


Two Years Old

Since Adam's baby book is still empty, I decided it is time to officially document some things about this kid, since today is his 2nd birthday. Here it goes:

After Lucy, I told everyone I would not get pregnant again. We learned about Zofran and decided to have one more. I then had two very difficult miscarriages and three surgeries before getting pregnant with Adam.

I was given a blessing that I would carry Adam full-term. At one appointment, my Hcg levels had not risen appropriately and Dr. Heiner proceeded to give me the miscarriage talk. We were both shocked to see a heartbeat. The blessing tested my faith, but ultimately became a great source of strength: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I found out he was a boy when I was only 14 weeks pregnant. I went and bought an "It's a Boy" balloon and took it to Steve at work. He hurried outside to stop me and was a little annoyed because he didn't believe that we could know that early and did not want me announcing something that wasn't true.

After months of sleepless nights, constant backaches, contractions, and fFN tests, I was finished being pregnant. I drank castor oil to put myself into labor. . . four weeks early.

Adam was born in the middle of the night, and then he got whisked off the the NICU. I woke up in the morning, and it felt as if it had all been a dream.

At first, I was embarrassed to tell people I had taken castor oil because he ended up in the NICU, but it wasn't my fault. He had some liquid in his lungs that they first thought was an infection (in which case it would have been a good thing to speed up his delivery), but after starving him in the NICU, they determined that he had just breathed in some liquid as he was being born.

Steve wanted to name him Lewis. I did not. Thus the name, Adam Lewis Ballard. (Not a family name.) There were attempts at bribery, but when you have the sort of pregnancies I have, you get pretty much whatever you want.

Adam came home on oxygen and I kept putting off pictures until he didn't have stickers on his face. I really regret not taking more pictures of him.

He has a Y crack.

He was our smallest baby (six-and-a-half pounds), but quickly transformed into our largest baby.

Adam's bedroom was our closet until we moved to Ogden.

I used to strap him into his car seat when he was crying. Sometimes he just needs to be restrained.

Adam liked playing with cords so much that instead of carrying baby toys around in my bag, I brought an old cell phone charger for him to play with.

We finally had tubes put in his ears when he was ten months old. We should have done it six months earlier. The tubes reduced the occurrence of his ear infections from constant to once every three or four weeks. We think he may have finally outgrown his ear infections, since he hasn't had one since Valentine's Day.

He loves medicine in syringes. That has worked out pretty well since he's had to take a lot of it.

Adam was one year old before he started sleeping through the night without wanting a bottle. And now, when he wakes up in the night, he always cries for Daddy. (Lucky me.)

He is not a good cuddler. He gets violently mad if you're even touching his blanket or pillow.

Adam still eats baby cereal. He also eats ceviche and drinks jamaica. But when he's hungry, he usually grabs a can of Spaghettios and the can opener and throws them on the floor at my feet.

He drinks more liquid than any kid I've ever seen. Usually, by noon he's had three 8-ounce bottles of milk. (Yes, I know it's time to get rid of the bottles.)

He has a love/hate relationship with dogs. He loves them from a distance, but is scared of them when they are close. It's kind of like how he loves monkeys, but when I got him a monkey costume for Halloween, he was terrified of it and screamed hysterically when I tried to put it on him. He was a ninja instead.

Adam loves wearing shoes (and Heelys) that are too big for him.

Much to the dismay of our parents, Adam started climbing on the counter just about the same time he learned how to walk.

He is very opinionated, especially when it comes to his attire. He wore his penny loafers for two weeks straight, even to bed.

He has been chewing gum for probably eight months. It's his very favorite treat and the best way to keep him quiet at church. He will even take gum right out of your mouth.

Adam has been jumping out of his crib since he was eighteen months old. He gets locked in his room every afternoon for a nap and every night at bedtime. He used to sleep on the floor next to the door, but now he gets out, defiantly pulls everything down out of his closet, climbs up on his rocking horse to turn on the light, and then climbs back into his crib and goes to sleep.

He pulls his socks and shoes off within seconds of being strapped into his car seat and immediately starts playing with the automatic window. And when I get stopped at a red light, he yells, "Go, go, go!"

He likes to play in water, dirt, throw things down the stairs, and participate in other destructive behavior.

Adam is on a fairly rigid sleeping schedule. If he misses his nap, instead of going to sleep earlier at night, he will wake up in the middle of the night, so tired that he can't sleep. This kept me pretty close to home when he had two naps a day, but now I am sad to see his one nap shortening, as he gets older.

He has had a runny nose for about two years.

Adam quits things cold turkey. I had to stop nursing to have surgery when he was a couple months old and stopped all of the sudden. I spontaneously flushed his binkie down the toilet when he was 18 months old. And I just decided that I just made him his last bottle.

Adam will finally sit still long enough to read a book and watch television. (Hurray!)

Yes, Adam looks like my brother, Paul. We've heard that one a time or two.

My favorite thing in the world right now is hearing him say, "Yove You".

Enjoy the pictures:

1 day old

1 week old

1 month old

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Malouf Family Easter Party

India, Rachel, Adam, Lucy, and Fred.
Look at India stealing Rachel's candy.

The family (minus Derrick who was at work).

The birthday boy

And his impromptu bug cupcakes.

My favorite picture of the whole weekend.