Before you name your next child. . .

Read this funny blog.


J&Jchambers said...

Poor little Mykaeleigh.. aw well, she is so dang cute nobody will mind not knowing how to spell her name/names! That was fun seeing you guys today..feel free to stop by anytime! I sent Angie an invite! Thanks again for all your good screen printing ideas.. i'm excited!

Jenny said...

That was a funny blog.

I especially like Aerynn. Now that is being phonetically gifted.

Oh, and here's some more. Wade's brother has an obsession with Br's. He has five girls
Bryn (not so bad)
Brooklyn (acceptable)
Britta (what the?)
Brody (for a GIRL)
and the crown goes to
Brylee. I think I shall name my next daughter Bryan or Broger or perhaphs Brock. Wade asked him if he was going to name this last one Brad. His brother said 'that's a boy name' to which Wade luckily did not reply, 'so is Brody.'

Long comment. Sorry, I'm bored.

Rebecca said...

That link was so funny!

Jenny, I had a roommate named Britta!

Callisters said...

Emily I love Sonora Grill! It has made it to the top of my favorite places to eat. Everything, everything was wonderful!!!! Great job guys! Now I need to go read this funny website...

Molly said...

why do people do this? i am all about KEEPING IT SIMPLE. although sometimes i really want to change ruby's spelling to Ruuubiey Kaiyte:)

Tyler in Boise said...

Oh Emily... Angie and I laugh about the LDS naming thing all the time. My favorites are phonetically spelled names and Mormon alliteration. I am a particular fan of alliteration, particularly when it's a huge family and they start running out of names.

As for us, we always wanted a set of twins named Laman & Lemuel.