A Cold Day in the Garden

Today was our second day of working in the garden. Rachel told me it was snowing outside, and I didn't believe her. (But it actually was.) We set the DVR to record conference, unpacked the kids' winter clothes from the closet, bundled up, and went to work.

Actually, these girls needed to play first:

And this little boy doesn't know the difference between work and play:

And I'm starting to think this guy must like working:

After a few hours, the girls lost interest and Adam tried to drink some gas out of the can, so in we went to do some planting:

And play in the dirt:

As you can imagine, Steve has carefully planned every detail about this garden. Last week, he was lucky enough to get some starts and a notebook full of advice from legendary gardener, Will Pitkin:

And now my kitchen counter looks like this:


Julee said...

I love how Adam is boy through and through!! ;)

Rebecca said...

Wow! Impressive! You guys are a hard workin' family! I need some advice! I want to plant a garden this year!

Darling pictures:)

@udj said...

what seeds did you start inside? you should scan in steve's garden plan and post it, or just tell me about it.

emily ballard said...

spaghetti squash
buttercup squash
yellow squash
yellow peppers
red peppers
anaheim peppers

We should have started them inside two or three weeks earlier. We should have anticipated what a problem they would be with Adam, who is drawn to dirt.

We are trying to follow the principle of square-foot gardening without using raised beds or actually griding anything out. We loved our raised beds in Logan, but we don't want to go to the expense of building them for a garden this size. Maybe next year.

Jacqui said...

Wow! You guys have some fun stuff started...Good luck with all of it. I'm an amazing plant killer, but I'll try again this year.