Craft Day Crepes

I do believe this is the very first time I have documented a Craft Day before my sister-in-law, Angie. (That makes me feel strangely efficient.) Angie painted the girls' nails, and I will probably need to add some toe pictures because this was no ordinary fingernail polish. Glittery. Acrylic. Very fancy stuff. 

We followed this recipe for Clawson Family Favorite Crepes and then made another version with chicken, alfredo sauce, and spinach. I must not be very good at whisking milk into flour and eggs because my crepes looked like they had the chicken pox. At least they still tasted great. Most of the kids downed four or five crepes and Rachel even appraised it, "the best dinner ever!" And since the kids got to spray whipped cream on top of their crepes, that qualified our crepe dinner as the craft. 

P.S. That box in the background contains a lemonade stand, which will emerge at a future Craft Day. Get your own free Sunkist lemonade stand here. 

P.P.S. Angie's talents extend far beyond nail painting. You can actually purchase her amazing handwriting for only $1.99 as a font through this link. It's so impressive that Sonora Grill has recently hired her to address the Sonora Club birthday postcards. (We take written correspondence with our customers very seriously.)  


The Ballard's said...

They were so yummy! Thanks again.

J&Jchambers said...

I have been wanting to try that crepe recipe ever since I read their blog.. the spinach version sounds really good too!
I also love the post about the chlortab pills.. so who is your pediatrician?:)

i'm h.mac said...

winds of love was all a buzz after coming home from her adopted cousin family craft day. she loved the spinach ones! i too read lisa's post and we had a crepe day too. i found that using the blender made mine super smooth and easy to pour. thanks for adopting my daughter on tuesdays.....

emily ballard said...

Our pediatrician is Dr. O'Very. We like him so much we drive all the way to Logan to see him.

Good call to use the blender for the crepe batter. I've made them before without a problem, but with this recipe, they are quite lumpy. I need to use a blender for the cheese filling next time too. I tried to use my wand blender, but it was making a big mess and there were seven hungry kids waiting for dinner, so I just served it.