The Millers

I think this was the last time I had actually seen my friend,
Rachel, in person. When would this have been. . . 1998?

Until tonight. What a fun little reunion we had.
With lots of kids, who all happen to be the same ages.

Campbell, Rachel, Bennett, Lucy, Ellery, Rachel, Reagan, Adam, Emily

I think these two will be great friends, just like their madres.

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The Millers said...

Where did you dig up that picture! Hilarious that you found that. I can't believe that is the last time we saw each other, but I can't remember any time after that. . . .so sad. Atleast we have reconnected now. We had such a great time visiting you guys. Thanks so much for having us over, and feeding us that delicious food from Sonora Grill. Next time we come to visit you can meet us that Bountiful pool!