More Miller Pictures

I know it's a little strange to post this many pictures of someone else's kids on my blog. But look at these great pictures that Rachel (Ballard) took. We sent the kids outside to play, and she took the newly-designated "kids' camera" with her and snapped away. Rachel just told me that she and Ellery were hoping some of their posed pictures would make the blog, but they were too embarrassed to ask. Happy to oblige. 

Rachel also took a bunch of pictures when our babysitter was here. I think I might really like having a little photographer around. She can capture all the moments that I miss (in their truest form), and I can find out exactly what I missed without the usual prodding. 

Yikes. Please ignore the messy garage.


Rachael said...

Cute kids! So funny to see Rachel & Sam's kids on your blog. Small world!

The Millers said...

Cute pictures that Rachel took. Funny kids. I'm so glad they had so much fun together. I just wish we could have stayed longer.

Rebecca said...

Great job Rachel!!!!! You are an awesome photographer! What a great idea to have a kids camera! You could even have a kids gallery where you hang up the pictures that they take. Costco does 20x30(?) enlargements for $10...Rachel would feel like a total pro photog to see her pictures all blown up on the wall...but it's actually probably even cooler to see them on the blog:)