If the days of Flip Mino cameras and YouTube had coincided with my high school years, I would have participated in more pranks like this one. (Or at least had digital record of them.)

Somehow, it doesn't seem appropriate for a mother of four to be out scaring people with fake animals. But it is tempting.


Ryanne said...

Reggie and I did a couple fun pranks on the kids, but I was really excited for 'April Fools' to be over and all the "Mom, theirs a spider in your hair!" It was getting old.

I wish I had been able to come yesterday, I haven't seen you in forever! It felt like I was at the doctor's all day. I guess since I was.

The Ballard's said...


Mindy said...

I'm laughing out loud right now. Not because of the skunk prank (although it is pretty funny), but because I'm imagining Flip Mino cameras and YouTube being around in high school. Oh how I wish I had some recordings like that :)

the O's said...

Hi Emily!
Fun that you found our blog- it's kind of wierd and amazing to be able to find and keep up with people that we haven't seen in years! :)
How did you find our blog? Just curious

Beautiful kids you guys have- and we'll have to come eat at your restaurant0 we are in Layton! :)

Lindsay Olenslager