The Zoo

Lucy's preschool went on a field trip to Hogle Zoo today.

She came home with quite a few souvenirs. More than the five dollars I gave her could buy. Here's how our conversation went:

Did somebody else pay for some of your things at the zoo? (No.)
Did your student teacher give you extra money? (No.)
Did Jake give you some of his money? (No. I wasn't with Jake, I was with Emma.)
Did Emma give you some of her money? (No.)
Did any of the other kids give you money? (No.)

And then, after all of that, she finally told me that all she spent was the five dollars I gave her and the other five dollars she found on the floor of the bus.

Did she tell Miss Jill about the money she found? (No.)
Did she ask and see if anyone lost their money? (No.)

Great. I'm sure some preschool kid ended up crying when they couldn't find their money to spend in the gift shop. And I'll bet some of the preschool moms think I was trying to one-up everyone else by sending Lucy with ten bucks instead of five.

At least she made it back. Without getting lost this time.


The Ballard's said...

Nicole sent Kloe with $20. She bought a stuffed wolf. What if she had lost that?

emily ballard said...

Maybe I should be glad she didn't find someone's twenty. I might be a little bothered to pay that much back. . . and I would have that many more special souvenirs to keep track of.