The Aftermath of Memorial Day

Rachel: When you die, are you going to go with Option #1 or Option #2?
Me: What's Option #1?
Rachel: Put your body in a casket.
Me: And what's Option #2?
Rachel: Getting burned in an oven and then they put your ashes into a bottle.

- - - - -

Rachel: I talked to Lucy and told her that when you and Daddy die we have to split the cost for the funeral.
Me: Oh really? What about Adam?
Rachel: He'll have to pay too, but I'll wait until he's a little older to explain things to him.

- - - - -

P.S. In the event that we die at the same time, Steve would like his legs cut off so you don't have to pay more money for an extra-long casket. Feel free to bury him in a plain wooden box instead of a fancy casket so there will be enough money for a big fireworks show at the funeral.


Mindy Swain said...

You might be interested to know that generally, you can get a plain pine box to be burried in but they will lend you a nice casket for the viewing. That could help save some money for fireworks, especially if the girls dont' have jobs by the time this happens. Also, tell Steve he might get lucky and the cause of his death might also break his legs, that way, they don't need to be cut off.

Callisters said...

Emily I love you!!! I can't stop laughing between Father's Day Post to this one. Thanks for the laugh!