The circumstances that led to finding Adam naked in the middle of Claire's

Me with the three kids at Claire's. (The bribe after a long afternoon of running errands.)
An abnormally busy store including:
Three policeman and one mall security man reprimanding a fourteen year old girl for shoplifting.
A middle-aged lady with her whole family, waiting to get her ears pierced.
Two employees; one talking to the police, leaving only one to help the customers.
My loud son, Adam, who wanted to play with the sunglasses. And the necklaces. And everything else in that miserable store.
My animated daughter, Lucy, boisterously picking out a pair of pretty earrings.
My detail-oriented daughter, Rachel, painstakingly looking for the perfect purse.
At least three other moms with their kids.

Adam was strapped into his stroller. But, in the midst of all of the commotion within the small store, he managed to find a way to squirm his way out of the top of his straps. And the process, he wriggled his way right out of his shorts. And his Pull Ups.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice any of this until he stood up in the stroller, and it subsequently crashed to the ground. The Bath and Body Works bag hanging from the handle ripped in half and out toppled the hand soap, wallflowers, and lotion.

And then my attention turned to my son. The one who was naked in the middle of Claire's.

That's when I felt my face go red.

. . . . . .

At least he still had his shirt on.


Kristin said...

That's pretty crazy. I gotta say I'm glad it didn't happen to me.

James and Jade Bethers said...

That is funny...that is damn funny!!!! I am just glad it wasn't me!

The Ballard's said...

Oh Emily, I am so very sorry. I hate it when you forget about the sacks hanging from the stroller. I have had it crash on me many times the only perk being that my pants are still on! Love that darling boy. I do wish I could have been there to see ALL of that.

Anonymous said...

From Katie:
Last week we were at a very busy park when Carter decided to pull down his pants and proceed to urinate all over the grass. I guess we have been spending too much time in Vernal lately!

Kacie said...

I wish I could have seen that....seriously.

Kassi Luck said...

That is so somethings that would happen to me. My son likes to ditch the draws quite often in public and pee. gotta love it!!

Callisters said...

Oh being a mother is always an adventure!

Jaime said...

What is it with little boys & their ability to escape from captivity? Sigh. We're in for it, you know! This is only the beginning. :)

Molly said...

so funny. do they EVER stay still. we just back from a trip and i so need a vacation after my vacation.

Lisa Lou said...

That is fabulous!! And now it is documented. Don't you love being a mom!!

Ramanda said...

That is so tragically funny! Good thing he is too young to get arrested for indecent exposure! Thanks for sharing that story! It made my day!

M. Swain said...

It's Ogden, surely they've seen naked male's roaming the store before. ;)
I just wanna know if the teenager took that moment of distraction to make a get-a-way and if it caused the ear piercer to miss when trying to pierce the middle-aged lady's ear?