Jimmy's Flower Shop Saves the Day Again

The first time Jimmy's Flower Shop saved the day was about six months ago. Rachel had just been to the dentist to have three teeth pulled. The roots were massive and the extractions had required some major chipping. After a long, somewhat worrisome, nap, Rachel woke up with a despondent look on her face. The poor girl was miserable. She asked me why I hadn't told her what the dentist was going to do to her, and my heart just about broke.

But then something magical happened. We drove by Jimmy's Flower Shop and glanced up at the marquee for the name of the day for the free rose. We'd checked the sign almost every day for a year, and we finally saw what we'd been waiting for. The timing couldn't have been better. One free rose later, and little Rachel had a smile on her soon-to-be-bruised face.

No teeth were removed on Saturday, just an emotional breakdown from my emotional daughter. I will spare you the whole story, but it has something to do with Rachel trying to earn exactly eleven dollars and twenty-four cents to pay off a boy in her class who was otherwise going to turn her into the principal for singing "Mr. Garcia and Mrs. Watson, sitting in a tree. . ."

By the time she finally divulged everything to us, she was in tears and worried about breaking her promise to the boy, that she wouldn't tell anyone about the money. We consoled her to the best of our abilities, but she was still feeling a bit dejected. And then, as we drove home up Washington Boulevard, it happened again. Jimmy's Flower Shop must have a sixth sense. We saw the sign, and the tears instantaneously disappeared.

It gets better. I sent Steve in with some money to buy a rose for Lucy, since we haven't ever seen her name on the marquee. But he came out with two free roses, and a promise from the flower shop that they would put Lucy's name up soon.

Two lessons I learned: #1 It looks like a rose can solve most of Rachel's problems. #2 Jimmy's Flower Shop has just made me a lifelong customer.


The Millers said...

Poor Rachel. I'm so sorry about the drama with the boy at school. I hate feeling like I can't console my child well enough. The rose is a great idea -- I wish we had a place around here that did something fun like that. So cute. You'll have to get a picture of Lucy's name up on the board.
Oh, and I love that Lucy is in a kickball league. You have your kids doing such fun things.

Rebecca said...

That is such a cool flower shop! I am loving them from far away and loving them for making my sweet niece happy:) Please tell my sweet niece that I'm sorry I haven't taken a pic of her bike yet:(

Mindy S. said...

Jimmy's hasn't swayed me yet because they put up either common names or very uncommon names --names you've never heard of so you know it must be the name of a relative which means it's rigged. They don't ever put up less-well-know-average-non-descript-not-popular-but-not-too-common names...like....say for instance...the name "Mindy". Nope. But I certainly am glad they had smarts enough to put up Rachel's name on just the right day - go Jimmy's. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Lucy.

Dani said...

I think I must be emotional, but this made me tear up. I love your writing, Emily, and I love your family.