Lucy had her first kickball game on Wednesday. She is playing in a league in North Ogden for pre-kindergarten kids. I considered coaching a team so I didn't have to pay the registration fee, but after watching how things went, I am very glad to be watching from the sidelines.

Pre-game, with her cousin, Jake.

Mid-game: in proper kickball position.

Post-game: enjoying a snow cone.

More pictures and commentary can be found on Angie's blog.


Jodi said...

How fun! I didn't know they had kickball leagues, especially for youngsters. What a cutie she is! She looks like she's going to be an athlete like her momma. Perhaps there will be some lacrosse in her future??

Melissa and Mitch said...

Wow can she get any cuter. I just love lucy. She is so cute. I bet it was a blast to watch.