Malad Gorge State Park

Last Sunday we took a whirlwind trip to Boise for Logan Wirick's baby blessing. We were very excited to see the Wiricks and be able to visit them in their new location. Adam was absolutely, positively the loudest, most disruptive child at church. And I guess he was the loudest, most disruptive child at the Wirick's house, where we enjoyed a delicious lunch, too. We had a nice, quick visit but probably weren't the most pleasant guests since Steve and I were functioning on a few hours of sleep and I was sick.

Steve pulled over at Malad Gorge State Park on the way home. At first, I wasn't excited to prolong the trip home or wake up the kids, we were all glad that we stopped. The storm chased us the whole way home, and we had just driven ahead of it. The views were spectacular.

Please note that I am trying to take more pictures of me with the kids. I wanted to use the timer and get Steve in this picture too, but he was afraid the wind might blow my camera off the bridge and into the gorge.

We look forward to more trips to Boise in the future, with the future being defined as when we get a DVD player in the car. (Nine hours in the car made for a long day.)


Joanie said...

Just get a portable DVD player that you can take in the car. It also works well at the doctor's office, airplane, home... Those are great pictures. I live in Idaho and I haven't seen any of it's beauty yet.

Amanda said...

Those pics are beautiful! I love them. Glad you were able to have a little get away.

byoung said...

emily you should send these pics to patagonia, maybe you guys would make the catalog-because you make good models!