Today was a pretty amazing day for Adam, as far as potty-training goes. (It was a horrendous day for me, as far as him unbuckling and getting out of his car seat while I was driving the car goes.)

Adam woke up with a dry diaper, and I've only had to change one wet and one dirty diaper all day long. That's pretty spectacular for this boy, who continues to drink more liquid than any kid I've ever seen, and thus produces a great deal of urine. I know I still have a long road of potty-training ahead, but it's progress.

But the most fantastic part happened tonight, when he was going to the bathroom on the real toilet. He no longer sees any need why he should have to use a little potty if nobody else does. He climbed up, sat down, and repeated a word over and over until I finally understood what he was saying.


Just like the rest of us, my two-year old boy wanted some alone time with the commode. So I left him to take care of his business by himself.


J&Jchambers said...

i love that he was saying privacy.. that is so funny! Cool pictures of Idaho too.. and the rocket is a cool water toy, my parents have one and i could spend all day watching my nieces and nephews play with it!

Amanda said...

Niiiice. Way to go Adam!

Mindy said...

The fact that he's willing to sit on the big boy potty all by himself is awesome! Good job Adam!