So proud

Of my other son.

The one who is nineteen.

The one who has spent the last five months going to the grocery store each week and spending $25 on food for our family.

The one who used to need me to make him a list, but can now figure out what we need and find it at a reasonable price on his own. (With a few fun surprises every once in a while.)

The one who told his friend yesterday (a senior in high school who lives on his own) that he would take him to the store and show him how much food you can buy with $25.

Mission accomplished.


Rebecca said...

nice work D:)

Mindy said...

It's little things like that that make it all worth it :)

J&Jchambers said...

can he teach me:)

Amanda said...

Way to go!

the O's said...

Hi Emily!
This doesn't really have to do with this post, but.... I got heirloom tomatoes at J+j gardens in Layton, and I've seen them advertised at a few nurseries in SLC. Also, the pictures horizontal: you have to edit the HTML of your template to make it a little wider (sounds hard, it's actually really easy) and then post the pictures with "no layout". In the HTML, just look for a title called, "Outer Wrapper" or something like that, and change the pixels on the subheadings of "main wrapper" to be bigger and "sidebar wrapper" to be smaller. Mine are 675 and 250.
Good luck!