You have got to be kidding me

That's what I told Steve last night when he broke the news to me. I could have cried. Except that it's so incredibly ridiculous that it can't possibly be true.

We are supposed to be going here in a couple of weeks:

I spent the whole day making arrangements for our spontaneous trip. Lots of arrangements. Setting up babysitting for two kiddos for five days. Purchasing gift cards and massage certificates for the wonderful sister-in-law who agreed to be chief babysitter. Rescheduling doctor appointments with physicians who take months to get into. Picking out a sleeping bag and other backpacking gear for the little girl who was going with us. Preparations occupied most of my day.

And don't get me started on the mental arrangements that had been made inside my little head. Within five minutes of the invitation.

But last night it was cancelled.

All because of them:

Nevermind. I can't blame the pig. I think that's covered in one of the Top 5 Swine Flu Don'ts. So, once again, I will blame the media. Mark Feldstein, a journalism teacher at George Washington University, said: "Cable news has 24 hours to fill, and there isn't 24 hours of exciting news going on. If you scare people, they'll tune in more."

But since the media is such a broad entity, I will also place blame on Vice President Biden and his little talk about sneezing on airplanes with Matt Lauer on the Today show.

And why not blame this guy too. He even made the Pittsburgh news. Please note that I am not blaming Cathy. Because I don't believe Trent.

For now, I am holding onto a glimmer of hope that the Havasupai Tribe will retract their hysteria-induced decision and Steve will get another phone call, this time saying the trip is back on. Really folks, one year is long enough to be closed.

Please, please, please. I will pack in antibacterial soap and wash my hands frequently. I will cover my mouth and nose with a tissue when I sneeze. I will even wear a face mask while I hike through your stunning canyons and swim in your turquoise pools. Please. I need this trip.


Ragan said...

Sad! I kind of know how you feel though. My family went there 2 years ago. Me and Paul stayed home and babysat the nephews because we were going to go to Brazil in the fall and Paul couldn't take off that much work that year. The day it came time to go to Brazil, we found out that got scammed on our tickets - we were mad! We bought new tickets for a few weeks later and 2 days before we were supposed to go we realized that our visas expired the day before we were to arrive in Brazil! I cried and we are still pretty sad about the whole thing because we had been planning it for a year! In the end we ended up missing out on Havasupai and Brazil.

Lori said...

ahhhh man. THAT sucks. I'll be crossing my fingers and toes for you.

Vanessa said...

Oh I so SORRY!!! Getting ready for a trip is soo much work! Plus, the excitement of wanting to get away sooo bad...and then to be told you can't go! You still need to do something, even if it is not as AMAZING! The only good thing is that the news will find something else to freak out about, and the Swine Flu will be yesterdays history! GOOD LUCK!

Mindy said...

That blows. Seriously blows. You can always make a secert getaway to Vernal? Red Fleet's water isn't quite that blue, but it's almost a match for that picture :)

Lisa Lou said...

I have always wanted to go there since Audrey and Fred told us about it. Hey airfare to Hawaii was only $311 the other day. I'd take that as a close second if I were you:)

Rebecca said...

That is a bigtime bummer. I am so sorry!

Thanks for your advice on our blog:) I wish we lived closer...someday:)

J&Jchambers said...

aw dang.. have you ever been there? I hope you get to go. i can't believe that.. i had no idea the power the swine flu was having!

Amanda said...

Oh you have GOT to be kidding me. I am sooo sick and tired of trying to talk people out of hysteria over the swine flu! Grrrr!!! I hope they change their minds too.

Trent Mason said...

Whatever! You know she made me wear it and you know she made me draw a snout on it. Come on; admit that although I upped the hysteria ante, it was still a thing of beauty!
I only wish they hadn't edited my comment about Bea Arthur! THAT was comedy gold. A little soon and a little on the offensive side I know, but it was so timely.
I had to play it a little straight in order to accomplish my goal of getting on the news and for that, I may have sold out some, but at least I contributed to pandemonium and you know how I love that! But reading your blog now, I am beginning to think that The Swine Flu Comedy Hour presented by Trent Mason is maybe somehow hurting people...


No worries! My advice to you, stay home. Maybe I kept you from drowning or something. So, instead of "Why not blame this guy while you are at it?" how about: "Why not thank this saint?" How about a little love and tacos for an old pal, huh?

Seriously, about the tacos... I will be in town soon and I could really use some. I have been told by medical doctors that I am dangerously underweight.

Oh, and speaking of pigs: what the hell happened to Kelly Clarkson?