Free Trip to Las Vegas

Steve and I went to a WorldMark presentation last night. We happen to like Las Vegas, and free trips to Vegas are even better.

I decided that they are marketing geniuses and maybe we could use some of their sales tactics in the restaurant business. Because what are the two biggest things that stop people from going out to eat? #1 They don't have a plan. #2 They think it's too expensive.

So maybe we should partner up with other Utah restaurants and start selling ownership packages. We can charge an absurd amount of money up front, and tell customers they are going to save all sorts of money because the cost of eating out is sure to rise over the next decade (or four). Then they will have a plan. And by committing them to spend all of their money up front, it will later feel like they are eating for free. Customers will enjoy eating there so much more because they will be able to look around and say, Hey, I own this place!

We can sell 600o points for $12,000 and the points can be used at various restaurants for varying amounts of points, depending on what restaurant you go to, what you eat, and whether you are eating at red (high demand), white (medium demand), or blue (low demand) times. We'll offer Bonus Meals, Fun Meals, and all sorts of other promotions to make them think this deal is too good to pass up.

Better yet, we should market this to people who have never even eaten at our restaurants, so we can make them out to be better than they really are. And we should come up with lots of sappy stories to convince people who never go out to eat that they are missing out on life and all of the memories created at restaurants. Because what's the one regret everyone has on their deathbed: not going out to eat at more restaurants.

And here's an even better idea: we can tell them that they have to agree to the $12,000 ownership package that night, before they leave the presentation, or they can never get that offer again. For the rest of their life. Because if they were to go home and think about it, outside of our high-pressure sales office where we all pretend to be their friends, they would surely see the logic and decide against it. Or look on ebay and see they can purchase the same packages from previous customers. For half price.

Sound like a good deal? Hmmmm. Probably not.

Our favorite parts of the night were when we told the guy we only travelled when we found good deals. He grilled us for a minute on how much we paid for hotels in specific areas and finally got all agitated and said, Well, if you're such a great bargain hunter, maybe you should just open up your own travel agency!

And then there was the part when he informed us the Premier package was only available right then, one shot only. He had just previously reported to us that WorldMark spends about $600 per couple for each sales pitch, by the time you factor in the vacation, his pay, and the overhead. So I asked if I went home and thought about it if they would really deny me the opportunity to buy the ownership the next day. He said yes. I must have had a good look on my face because he went on with, You don't believe me, do you? Are you questioning my honesty?

That was when my husband, the peacemaker, stepped in. Steve asked for a business card, and after a little hesitation, the salesman gave it to him. Steve wrote that it was good for one free appetizer and entree at the restaurant. Maybe I can pitch my new marketing plan to him when he comes to Sonora Grill.

P.S. A few of you out there (fifteen to be exact) can thank me for your upcoming calls from WorldMark representatives. You know I'm a pushover for free things, and I just really wanted the Home Depot gift card.


The Ballard's said...

Vegas here we come. I still say it was worth it. Let's start planning.

Hess said...

VERY FUNNY!! Kyle and I had a free trip to Vegas last year, thanks Worldmark. Maybe you should take a picture of your food storage and send it to him, then write what you spent on it or even what they paid you to take it out of the store? He might just understand who he was dealing with:). I have a few funny stories about our little 3 hour meeting as well. Hope you put our name on their calling list, I'm feeling the need to turn down some AMAZING, ONE TIME ONLY OFFERS!

I ordered you a iphone cover. It is a really cute red or bright pink. I hope you got your phone returned or exchanged for the new phone that will having nothing different than soft wear on it! I will drop the cover off at Steve's parents house in the morning. Do you want red or pink? They are both DEAD SEXEY!

James and Jade Bethers said...

That is funny! I think I get at least 2 or 3 calls from them everyday. They aren't the type to give up easily that is for sure.

i'm h.mac said...

so glad you survived....

Hess said...

Yeah like MaRea said we already did the trip. Except for they gave us an extra night, $150 cash, a $25 gas card which we never used, and a buy one get one free to a comic who was terrible. And the best part was when we told him we just used my mom's Worldmark and he told me that I needed to be my own man and stop using hers.


VintageMixer said...

I almost got pulled into that. My friend gave my phone number to them. They make a lot of promises and don't fulfill them- ie. trip to las vegas.