I Love Summerfest

I have been to Summerfest in Logan every summer for the past ten years. I guess you could say I love it.

I love that my kids know that we are going to get cotton candy.
And that they are going to get their own because I am not willing to share mine.
I love that it has been back at the tabernacle for the last few years.
I love that there are horse carriage rides and sometimes the guy thinks your kids are so cute that he offers them a free ride.
I love that they added the giant parade puppets this year, even though Adam was terrified of them.
I love that there is live music; in the evenings you can see young children, college students, and sunbirds all dancing together.
I love that I got free food from the Cafe Sabor tent every year for the last seven years. . . but sadly, that perk has ended.
I love the children's art yard.
I love that my girls are old enough to drop them off at the children's art yard for two hours.
I love that they added portable drinking fountains every 30 yards so I didn't have to spend ten bucks on water this year.
I love picking out art that I am going to buy. (Someday.)
Like this piece from Joseph Alleman or this piece from Owen Mortensen.


Joanie said...

No more free Cafe Sabor? Come on. Don't they know who you are anymore? The cotton candy looks good.

Jaime said...

Ahhhh...Summerfest. Love it. And I love Joe Alleman's work!!!!

Katie said...

How fun! I didn't make it this year...and was sad about that! And if I would have been working the Sabor food tent, I would have given you free food! (Because you are Ballards...but also because you offer great I'm-prego-and-sick-what-do-I-do advice to us poor first timers!

AngelaW said...

Sam agrees that the puppet is very scary. He keeps looking at it and grimacing. He is also sure that the picture of Adam is a picture of himself. I think it's the haircut. Sounds like a fun day.

Ramanda said...

Sometimes it pays to have a stingy mom!!!

Lori said...

how have i never heard of this? it sounds fabulous!

Amanda said...

I've never been! It looks like a ton of fun!