Making a Comeback

I went to the gym last night and tried to read the numbers on my key tag to the guy at the front desk, but they were worn off. Not from overuse. From sitting in the bottom of my purse for too long. (Three months to be exact.)

I only had about twenty minutes at the gym before it closed. I clocked two miles on the treadmill. Running and walking. More walking than I care to admit. But to put things in perspective, two miles is more than I have done on a treadmill since I was trying to put myself into labor with Lucy. (It worked.)

The recumbent bicycles are much more conducive to reading magazines.

I will be going to the gym every day between now and Friday. No longer as a recreational escape from my children. No longer as a token visit once a month. To work out. More specifically, to get in shape for my first lacrosse game in eight years.

Nothing like fear of embarrassment to get you motivated. And I have good reason to be worried. These girls are tough. I'm just glad Number 5 is on my team. Look at her calves.


The Ballard's said...

I could get my calves to look like that easy-peasy, but that doesn't mean I could breath while running:)

Mindy said...

You play lacrosse?! I didn't know that.

Molly said...

Ha ha! How embarrassing are my calves?? Good to know you are taking this seriously:) It is gonna be fun!

You still have a stick right? Let me know if you need anything.