Jefferson Avenue

I know there are a few of you out there who are a bit concerned about the location of our home. But let me just say that this resolute little street is filled with some really neat folks we are fortunate enough to call neighbors.

The 1st Annual Jefferson Avenue Neighborhood BBQ was held on Saturday night. The road was blocked off with orange construction barricades, and motorists and pedestrians were left to gawk at the improbable event, taking place in the middle of downtown Ogden. Tables were set up, grills were pushed out, and food was eaten. Neighbors mingled as kids rode their bikes and skateboards up and down the middle of the street. It finally felt like summer.

Since Jed still talks to me, even though I hosted a little contest in his honor, I figured I can get away with posting pictures of some of my other neighbors on here too.

Picture 1: Street view after most people had eaten and dispersed to participate in the different activities: basketball, badminton, etc. One of the neighbors even brought snowcones from her parents' snowcone stand.

Picture 2: Some of our newer neighbors, Pam and David Linton. Rachel and Lucy became their number one fans the evening they took them on a bicycle ride and showed them secret paths over by the Eccles Community Art Center.

Picture 3: Rachel with Adam, who couldn't stop laughing at the pig grill.

Picture 4: The parachute that entertained the kids for an unbelievable amount of time. I asked whose it was, and Jed claimed it as his and reminded me that he has everything you could ever imagine. Everything but a wife.

Picture 5: Chip Anderson showing off his skills on the RipStik. He and his family are imports from Hawaii. They came to Ogden and fell in love with the snow, but are lucky enough return to their other house in Hawaii fairly regularly.

Picture 6: Bob and Shelley McConaughy. In addition to sporting the best handlebar moustache around, they are some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met.

Picture 7: Lucy on her bicycle, enjoying every minute of the 2nd best day of her life. (The day of her birthday party still holds the title as the best day of her life.)

Picture 8: Sheyne and Meghan Anderson. Meghan may be camera shy in this picture, but she is one neat girl. Towards the end of the night, I asked her for a demonstration on the RipStik. She zipped around the driveway for a minute and then proceeded to give me a personal lesson, which basically means she physically supported all my weight as I clumsily tried to balance on the pivoting skateboard. I'm quite sure she was fully willing to continue on for the two hours she predicted it would take me to finally get it on my own, but after about twenty minutes, Steve reminded me that it was 10:00 pm and I should probably get back to being a mom and go home to put the kids to bed.

Picture 9: Sue Wilkerson and friends. A big thanks to Sue and Travis Pate for organizing the fun night!

I do wish I would have gotten a picture of our new-ish neighbors, Bryan Kresie and Karen Hansen, to have posted with my favorite comment of the night. Bryan worked last year as a schoolteacher, but coming from L.A., he was a little disappointed with the lack of excitement (translate: violence) in his school. He told me he is considering a return to the military, with the prospect of going to Afghanistan because "You don't want to miss out on a war; they don't come around very often." I suppose we should be thankful for that. We should also be thankful for people with Bryan's excitement for adventure.

If you want in on the fun, I have good news: we are currently taking applications for new neighbors. Actually, all you have to do is talk to Sue Wilkerson (801.644.7464) or David Willis (801.388.5019) and they can tell you all about the opportunities to buy or rent on Jefferson Avenue.


Ramanda said...

What a cool idea! I wonder if I could pull something like this off in my neighborhood or maybe I'll just move into your neighborhood!!!

Lisa Lou said...

I love it. When James and I were first married we lived above the Great Harvest on 25h st. Our ward was called the Jefferson Center Ward. It was an old building on 28th and Jefferson that they've since replaced. We loved it there. I think if I didn't live in the middle of nowhere I would have to live in the heart of a city. None of the burbs for me. Either downtown where you can walk to everything or ride your bike or Avon. I bet your neighborhood is fantastic. What an eclectic group. Hey as for salad spinner, pillow cases do just as well. Just put all the washed lettuce in the case and run outside and spin it in big circles. All the water will fly out. Or you can buy a spinner at TJMaxx. You can get them for about $10. Good luck!