Little Master Mischievous

My good friend, Edgar, wrote this poem about Adam.
Actually, my good friend, Dari, sent it to me.

Little Master Mischievous
by Edgar A. Guest

Little Master Mischievous, that's the name for you;
There's no better title that describes the things you do:
Into something all the while where you shouldn't be,
Prying into matters that are not for you to see;

Little Master Mischievous, order's overthrown
If your mother leaves you for a minute all alone.
Little Master Mischievous, opening every door,
Spilling books and papers round about the parlor floor,

Scratching all the tables and marring all the chairs,
Climbing where you shouldn't climb and tumbling down the stairs.
How'd you get the ink well? We can never guess.
Now the rug is ruined; so's your little dress.

Little Master Mischievous, in the cookie jar,
Who has ever told you where the cookies are?
Now your sticky fingers smear the curtains white;
You have finger-painted everything in sight.

There's no use in scolding; when you smile that way
You can rob of terror every word we say.
Little Master Mischievous, that's the name for you;
There's no better title that describes the things you do:

Prying into corners, peering into nooks,
Tugging table covers, tearing costly books.
Little Master Mischievous, have your roguish way;
Time, I know, will stop you, soon enough some day.

Today was one of those days. Rachel started yelling, "Emergency, Emergency!" I found Adam perched (where the stuffed monkey is posing) on the outside of the banister at the top of the stairs, a good ten feet from the ground.

Then Adam climbed up into the third drawer of Rachel and Lucy's dresser, so he could get into their jewelry boxes.

Lucy was the one who alerted me about the spilled milk. I think it looks pre-meditated.

And then Rachel started crying, hysterically. Adam had climbed up to the top bunk and his fingers were covered with every color of her makeup.

Add in jumping off his toy box onto his bed about 27 times, climbing in and out of Mykaeleigh's bassinet (sans Mykaeleigh) 12 times, and jumping back and forth between the couch and the coffee table another 32 times, and that just about sums up his morning.

My parents watched the kids for a few hours this afternoon, so I enjoyed a little break. They are smart to come together: one to watch the girls, one to watch Adam. A little while after I was back on duty, Lucy brought me the white towels from the bathroom. The white towels that are now covered with blue marker.

Good luck to my sister, who gets to enjoy two 2-year olds for nine more days.

And my brother is hoping for another boy? Whaaaaat?


The Ballard's said...

Yes, but the bottom picture is what makes it all worth it. He is fantastic & ALL boy. I really would have another if it was a boy. I am a sucker for yours & mine.
Maybe he and Jake could use some outside time this week, darn rain.

Kacie said...

I told you we should have gone to the Treehouse.......

Then again, maybe it would have been worse there.

Joanie said...

"Emeregency! Emergency!" I need to teach my little girl that phrase. Too funny. I think Adam may have my little guy beat, but then again mine is not even one yet. Crazy boys.

emily ballard said...

I know, I know. I would love another boy too. Just not while I have so many other projects that require my attention.

Jaime said...

I don't know how you do it. Just 1 keeps me on my toes all day, & it looks like I've got more coming! But let's blame some of it on the rain, & I agree- this pic is what makes it worth the work!