Lucy and Her Skirt

This is Lucy. And the fabulous skirt she got for her birthday last month.

It was made by Andrea (Martinsen) Neves with over 35 yards of chiffon.

It really was her dream come true. (Thanks, Gloria.)

Want one? Click here and order your custom-made pettiskirt for only $58.

And thanks for the great pictures, Rebecca. Remember how you didn't think you got any good ones?

You were wrong.


Stephanie said...


fraidychicken said...

Those pics are so cute! And-- I really want one of those skirts!

Jodi said...

What a beautiful skirt! And an even more beautiful girl! Your kids are such cuties. I can't wait to see them in person when we come out in August. I will let you know the dates when I know for sure.

Molly said...

she is so pretty.

that skirt IS adorable. ruby really wants one!

and the pics are great too. good job rebecca!

Dani said...

Good grief, Emily. She is such a beautiful child. All of your kids are gorgeous. And I love the skirt. Lucy is such a cute little ham.