A Week with My Sister: Picture Overload

Sunday: Father's Day Dinner and Birthday Celebrations in North Ogden. I had to include the pictures of Steve playing "Ring Around the Rosies" because he said he felt like a different person with eight hours of sleep and a three hour nap (best Father's Day present ever). I'm just saying he acted like a different person too. In a good way.

Monday: Craft Day at the Hall's in Plain City. Jake showed us some of his cowboy skills, like riding backwards and standing up on the saddle. Of course, I had to try too. Jake is a lot better than me, and Steve later told me that wasn't a very nice thing for me to do to the pony. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner. We are now looking for more friends with horses.

Tuesday: Picnic with Grandma at Beus Pond Park. The kids had fun feeding the ducks all of the bread that Sydney didn't eat. We found a very lucky clover patch on the south side of the pond and collected over 50 four-leaf clovers.

Wednesday: Swimming in North Ogden. Sydney and Lucy had such a great time going down the slide together. Things at the pool worked out a lot better once we convinced all of the kids to play in the same area. Up to that point, my eyes hurt from the constant scanning/counting of kids that made me think there might be a need for matching neon swimming suits.

Thursday: Photo shoot at the Pingree Mansion. Thanks for all of the great pictures, Rebecca. You make me want to get a nicer camera. But then when my pictures still weren't as good as yours, I would be even more frustrated, so nevermind.

Friday: Laundry. Lots of it. Add three meals at Sonora Grill, one trip to the gym, lots of chalk-drawing on the driveway, two stressful nights working on the new menu, ice cream cones from Farr's, one late-night nail appointment interrupted by fireworks, and feeding the kids six hundred times, and that was the week.

Sure hope you didn't feel like you needed a vacation from us after our whirlwind week together.


@udj said...

those are great pictures. i love the argyle knee highs.

Julee said...

I loved looking at all the photos...thanks for sharing.
The girls are getting soo big!