Wishing We Could Be the New Neighbors

Two years ago, Sam and Kacie moved back to Logan. I'd like to give myself credit for their relocation since I actually complied a list of 50 Reasons to Live in Logan. There are some days I can't believe we ended up moving away. But back to the story. . .

A nice house starting being built right next door to them in Southgate Court, and we decided to be their new neighbors (against the advice of some). Apologies to the rest of you, but Sam and Kacie were the best neighbors in the world. There really is no comparison. I've never felt comfortable enough to call anyone else and tell them I am too tired to cook dinner and am bringing my family of six over to eat at their house.

We miss Sam and Kacie.

And now, more than ever, we are wishing that we could be their next door neighbors again. Just look at the bathroom I would be using:

Go to this blog to see more pictures. Make a comment and you might win one of their sweet giveaways. But even if you don't win the mattress protector, you probably ought to look into getting one. I might just make you a list of 50 Reasons why You Need a Mattress Protector.

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