Adam's To-Do List for the Day

New set of tubes in ears:

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy:

Smile at all the nurses until they fall in love with me:

Drink 4 sippy cups of apple juice and eat 1 banana to demonstrate healthy appetite:

Plead with nurse to call doctor and request early discharge:

Out of the hospital by 3:00 pm:


The Ballard's said...

Cute picture. I bet it didn't take long for the nurses to fall in love.

Ryanne said...

How is he doing now? What a cutey and brave little boy!

Rebecca said...

That picture is so so so cute. I love it. Could you call me and tell me how you made it big like that without using photobucket?

i love your blog!

Rachel said...

Holy cow! Poor little kid. He is darling. Glad that all went well.

Lisa Lou said...

emily-that picture is fabulous!! You need to frame it and keep it forever. I'm loving reading your blog too. Good stuff.

Jodi said...

What a tough kid! I can't believe he just went through all that too.... and did so well! I hope the recovery is going well. I feel for you! That surgery really works though. You were right. Rocky is a new kid. I hope Adam is feeling much better too.

JMHill Family said...

So sorry he has to go through this...our little Isaac has recently had all the same "stuff" done and he's doing so much better, hope the same for your little guy!