The Never-Ending Adventures of Craft Day

I have wanted to take my kids to Minnetonka Cave for no less than three years. My husband kept telling me they were too young. I didn't listen to him, and we put it on the calendar as an official "Craft Day" field trip. Look how excited Rachel and Lucy were:

Angie, Gracie, Jake, Debra, her daughter, Ellie, and her nephew, Kaden, all came on our adventure. Everyone made it in and out of the cave safely, and more impressively, without needing to be carried up or down any of the 444 stairs. (I am glad I listened to Steve and left Adam at home. Taking him really would have been a disaster.)

We walked back to our car and saw some Malouf cousins, visiting from Alaska, sitting right in front of our car. I hadn't even known they were in Utah, and they sure didn't know it was our car. We happily accepted their invitation to join them at their family reunion on Rendevous Beach. After we got shakes at LaBeau's, of course.

Angie was a good sport, and quickly changed her plans and even talked Mike into watching Adam so we could stay at Bear Lake for some swimming, canoeing, sailing, and water skiing. (I got up for my first time ever.) The sailboat ride was almost magical. The canoe ride reminded me how badly I want another canoe.

We didn't get home until after midnight. Our adventure was declared "Best Craft Day Ever" by many, including myself.


Rebecca said...

Oh the memories! I LOVE those pictures of the girls!!!! They are so GREAT!!!! And I am so jealous that you got to hang out on Bear Lake with the Maloufs! SO fun!

Rebecca said...

Oh, and I love Gracie's leggings and the picture of the sailboat and I'm also jealous about LaBeau's:)

James and Jade Bethers said...

That is one pretty intense cave. I get a little closterphobic and the thought of going in a cave kind of freaks me out, but those were some beautiful pics of it. It is great that you can do that with your family! What memories!

Jodi said...

You've taken "craft day" to a whole new level! What a fun adventure! Congrats on the water skiiing!

Lisa Lou said...

I want in on the next Craft Day! As I was reading I was really hoping that you got a shake out of the drive. We were in Bear Naked Lake last weekend too. I don't think there is a better place on the planet than Bear Lake in July. That beach is a good as any in Hawaii! Way to be a fun mom. I'm going to be like you one of these days:)