Choo Choo Trains

We've ridden a couple of trains lately, and now instead of asking to go to Grandma's house when he wakes up every morning, Adam asks, "Ride choo choo train?"

First we rode the Jupiter Express in downtown Ogden. It's not really a train, but Adam doesn't know the difference. And it's free. And the driver lets cute kids sit up front and ring the bell and talk over the loudspeaker.

We went with our friends, the Philpots. We'll go with you too, if you come visit us.

Last week we went and rode through Provo Canyon on the Heber Valley Railroad.

I was following the kids back through the different train cars and heard an older lady say, "Look, two sets of twins!" (Fred & Adam, Rachel & Lucy)

Two other ladies came and grabbed our kids, on two separate occasions, because they thought they were going to fall out of the train. While we were standing right next to them, and watching them very closely.

We waved at boaters in Deer Creek Reservoir, rafters on the Provo River, cows, horses, and lots of other fun things. Adam thoroughly enjoyed watching everything out the window. Rachel enjoyed a little rest (Three hours on a train going 15 miles per hour makes you a little sleepy.) Lucy got a little frightened when Black Jack Raven and the Soldier Hollow Gang robbed our train. I may or may not have screamed embarrassingly loud.

It was worth every penny, especially because we had free tickets :)

And since today happens to be a special day for the Philpots, I think I should take the chance to say, Happy Anniversary!

So glad that you two got married and are still our friends. (Audrey and I almost got kicked out of Girls Camp for throwing water balloons at the camp director when I was a Beehive. And Fred was the missionary who picked up Steve from the airport when he first arrived in Ohio. . . and has worked with Steve at three different jobs!)


Rachel said...

Those are two very cute sets of twins.

I didn't know that Steve served in Ohio. So did Sam, in the Columbus mission from 97-99. Small world, huh?

Rebecca said...

I love that first shot of Adam! You always find such fun adventures to do with the kids! But then again, it wouldn't matter if it were just riding the bus to go visit Helen, you are the sort of mom who can make anything into a fun adventure for your kids:)

Bridgett said...

Adam is about the cutest train conductor I have ever seen! My mom said he wanted to play 'choo choos' with her a lot.

Aneesa Bee said...

That girl looks so much like Audrey Young it is uncanny!

@udj said...

Was Aneesa serious?

emily ballard said...

I couldn't tell if she was serious. I asked her the same question on her blog. . .

Aneesa Bee said...

No--I really did know who it was. Sorry. I guess I should be more clear. If only there was a punctuation mark for sarcasm. :-)