Family Trip to Arizona

We had bad timing for our trip. (Record-breaking, sweltering hot temperatures in Phoenix.) We got a speeding ticket on the drive down. (But this time it was Steve, not me!) The housekeeper at our hotel threw away a bag full of laundry. (But it was mostly easily-replaceable kids' clothes and whites. Yes, those whites.) And the drive home through Grand Canyon National Park took over 15 hours, and I had to slam on the brakes about 15 times for deer. (And we didn't even break down and buy a DVD player.)

But don't worry, there were PLENTY of highlights:

1. Waking up to this beautiful sunrise at Lake Powell.

2. Arriving at our hotel and finding out it was even nicer than it looked online. And then learning about the activities they had for kids, every hour, all weekend long. This was a pleasant surprise, since we've stayed at a few resorts where we've been very embarrassed to even have kids with us.

3. Going to eat at a couple of really neat restaurants. And noticing every little detail. The picture of the gum paper is for you, Angie. And I really really wish I could eat that chicken & mozzarella sandwich right now.

4. Seeing Kim (Kerns) Rolfe and family. It was the first time I had seen her since the day she was married, some nine years ago. And reminiscing about Uintah High School basketball trips while Steve searched for the missing key. (I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of Kim and her cute girls!)

5. Taking the girls to get their hair cut. And adding a little color. (More on that later.)

6. Swimming in the pools. All eight of them. Actually, I think we only swam in four. And went down the 138-foot waterslide dozens and dozens of times. And watched College Road Trip from the pool on Saturday night.

7. The part where the manager of the hotel called and said that since the housekeeper threw away our bag of laundry, they would credit our account for one night's stay and to expect a phone call from their insurance company about reimbursing us for the cost of the clothes.

8. Hundreds and hundreds of these incredible Saguaro cactuses. You can learn all about them on the Kids Menu at Sonora Grill.

9. Watching these four kids experience the Grand Canyon for the first time. The IMAX movie is right: pictures and words just don't do it justice.

10. Going on family vacations where there is no cell phone coverage.

11. Paying Lucy to be quiet for two straight hours on the drive home! (No picture needed. Just imagine silence.)


Anonymous said...

Fun times! Do people as you all the time if Lucy and Rachel are twins?


Kristin said...

Looks like a fun time! I'm lovin' that first picture...very pretty.

Molly said...

I LOVED this post. My blogging is sucking lately. I am in a slump. Don't you love how... immediately, you realize that trips are HARD and you just want to start making a list of the unbelievably hard things:)

Sweet about the thrown away laundry... as long as you came out on top... which you probably did.

AWESOME photos... you need to take more credit for them.

You cd's SHOULD be there by tomorrow. i hope they did dr. malouf justice.

Rebecca said...

Awesome pictures! I love them! Thanks for sharing:)

I have tried unsuccessfully to call you back a few times...

Kassi Luck said...

I wish the silence thing would work for Daysen sometimes. Looks like an awesome resort. What a cute family you have!!

Lori said...

sounds like an awesome trip. i'm glad you got some time away as a family. loved the highlights.

Mindy S. said...

1. What does a person have to do to tag along on one of these trips? Can you adopt me or something?

2. Any place that has a little card to put "gum or the number of a new friend you meet", is the place for me. I want to go there. Where is it. In fact I want to re-create your entire trip to the details! . . . Finding 5 other people to match your fam's description might be difficult . . .

3. Nice pictures. Can I have your camera?

4. I've never even considered getting a haircut on a vacation. Fascinationg.

5. Yeah!, no DVD player while driving. Yeah!, no cell phone.

6. Sorry about the clothes, and temperatures, and tickets, and brakes . . .

Dani said...

Okay, I really have to get back to work (I'm in the process of emailing you, but then I decided to head over to your blog...), but I loved this post. I miss you guys and your cute kids. And I should just send you those adorable pictures. I started editing them and then gave up because it was taking so long. Anyhow...I'll try to call you tomorrow. Back to work for me. :(

Jessie said...

I'm distressed to say my husband and I never had the chance to stop by the restaurant this summer. My parents ended up going to Rome at the spur of the moment and we wound up housesitting for them in Idaho during the time we were originally planning on spending in Utah. But I still have the gift card and intend to use it as soon as possible.

I miss Arizona :-(

April Jirsa said...

OK OK SO>>>>>>>>>you have friends in AZ and you did not call???????
Regan happened to Google his phone number last week and he said...April take a look at Steve Ballards blog-o. So low and behold we see that you kids got our digits from the O's. Then when seeing your home page...WHAT A TRIP TO AZ and there was no time for an April and Regan tour-de-flagstaff. We do hope you come again and feel free to take us up on free room and board, food, and northern Arizona’s hidden jewels of fun, whatever your schedule allows.
me casa es tu casa.
April and Regan Jirsa
P.S. Where is the reunion cruse with matching t-shirts? Our families are due!