First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for Rachel and Lucy.
I am a huge fan of school uniforms. Easy, inexpensive, and mighty cute.
They love their new shoes. (Thanks, Gloria.)
And necklaces. (Thanks, Jed.)
Rachel was embarrassed to have her picture taken and couldn't stop laughing.
Lucy was crazy excited for school. Can you tell?
There was no crying this morning.
But there might be tonight. (Too much homework.)
Steve says that's probably why they were chosen "Charter School of the Year."

Since the girls weren't home to clean the house for me, I put Adam to work today.
He can actually hold himself up like that to "wash" the dishes for about 10 minutes.
Then his poor arms needs a break. And I have to clean up the puddles.


Rebecca said...


Kristin said...

That's cute that Adam is trying to do the dishes. So you know how you told me to stay strong and keep with making Caleb do his jobs...months later he still thinks it kills him. Does it ever get better?

Mindy said...

Your girls are so stinkin' cute. I love their back to school clothes. I love that Adam is such a little helper. Maybe you can send him to my house to teach Lincoln and Grant how to do dishes?

Rachel said...

Such cute girls. There is a lot to be said for school uniforms -- I would LOVE for our school to adopt them.

Elle is doing weird smiles these days as well -- I think she self-conscious about her teeth.

Glad Adam is sooooo helpful.

Molly said...

Cute! Have a great year at school girls! Looks like you have your hands full with just Adam:) See ya tonight around six...

Ryanne said...

Love the back to school shoes, that's what Senneca is wanting to. The girls are so cute! Senneca has alot of homework too, I was amazed last year. It was hard getting it all done. I had to get pretty creative to motivate her.

Mindy S. said...

Obviously you need to install a short short sink for Adam to use. It he gets injured on the job . . . well then you are out a dishwasher. Do not let that happen.