Our new favorite television show

Steve and I have enjoyed the first two episodes of ABC's new reality television show, Shark Tank.

We like listening to what the investors have to say about the businesses and inventions. And we can't believe that guy turned down a million bucks for his LifeBelt invention.

Set your recorders, or tune in. Sunday nights, 9:00 pm.


Amanda said...

Oh it finally started? Jared has been dyyyying to watch.
Oh our boys and their love of business.

Mindy S. said...

Hmm, I want you to fill me in on this LifeBelt million dollars thing. Especially since I won't be watching the show (I don't watch TV on Sundays - yes I'm "one of those" and no I don't judge others who do, oh, and I don't have Tv, that's the other reason.) Yeah so drop me an email, or a text or tell me about it while you are teaching me how to make mozarella cheese - remember?