Uncle Ray's House: Another Generation of Raspberry Pickers

We went to Uncle Ray's house on Friday for some raspberry picking. While we were there, we did some tire swinging, trampoline jumping, apricot eating, and rope swinging. (Yes, I said we.)

It felt a bit nostalgic to watch my kids enjoying the same things I did as a kid. Raspberry picking was a cherished activity on our annual summer trips to Logan. And I could dig up a picture of Sam, taken when he was about Adam's age, on that same tire swing. Thanks, Uncle Ray and Aunt Sharyl!

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@udj said...

your girls look really cute, adam too of course (or should i say five's twin brother). i love that part of being a mother is taking your kids to do all the things you did as a kid, and then the memories come rushing back in. memories really are a priceless treasure, and when they are relived with your children, they bring back a memory to your senses all over again.