new shoes + boy = trouble

Adam got some new shoes. At least they were new for about two minutes. He ran in the front door, out the back door, and directly to his favorite muddy corner in the backyard. It was as if there was an irresistible magnetic force drawing his clean shoes to the mud.

In other news, we are all sick. Usually we pass colds around one at a time, but right now we all have the sniffles and coughs together. Am I the only one who gets a little excited when the kids start coughing because I can give them cough syrup and get an afternoon nap out of them? (There has to be a silver lining, right?)

Next time you are feeling under the weather, forget the chicken noodle soup and have a bowl of Campbell's V8 Southwestern Corn Soup. Sure, it's not as good as Sonora Grill's Tomato and Rice Soup, but this comes out of a box and I can eat it in my pajamas. Add a dollop of sour cream and some freshly ground pepper, and it's mighty tasty.


What would you have done?

A couple weeks ago this lady came to our house and asked for some "juice". This isn't the first time someone has come asking for food or money, but it had been a while. She told me she lived in the apartments south of our house, was out of food stamps, and didn't have anything but marinades in her fridge.

I only had homemade grape juice and was not about to share any, so I grabbed her a box a Pop-Tarts. That night, I fielded a barrage of questions from Rachel including "Why doesn't she have any food?" "Why did you give her our food?" "Doesn't she have a job?" "How does she live without money?" and my favorite, "Why was she wearing so much jewelry if she doesn't have any money for food?"

I was okay with my loss of Pop-Tarts, but I decided I should have asked her a few questions myself, like "Do you think it's appropriate to ask your hard-working neighbors for their food when you are already receiving government assistance?" and "Why exactly are you buying marinades?"

Since then, I have noticed this lady waddle down the street almost everyday. And everyday she is carrying a different purse. (For the record, I own two.) At a neighborhood barbeque on Sunday, I also found out that she asked another neighbor down the street for a ride to the Bishop's Storehouse to get some food. Hmmmm.

So, try to forget the last paragraph that contains information found after the fact and tell me:

What would you have done?


Two dancers and one monkey

Rachel and Lucy both performed tonight with their classes at the school carnival. Rachel's first grade class did a dance from Venezuela.

I used to think Rachel had a nervous itch. Then I decided she just itches all the time and is often nervous.

Ironically, she told me she was not nervous this year because she was wearing a mask.

Lucy's kindergarten class performed a Chilean dance.

Lucy's partner was Jacob Stott. They are an animated pair.

She was not the least bit nervous, in case you were wondering.

Not wanting to be left out of everything, Adam tried the rock climbing wall for his first time.

Thanks to Karen for taking the kids around to all of the carnival activities while I put in my volunteer hours, selling taquitos from Sonora Grill.

I'll be putting in more volunteer hours (for my husband, this time) selling taco salads at the Harvest Moon Celebration on 25th Street tomorrow. Come visit me.


I have the coolest husband in the world.

He knows how to do lots of really cool things. Like how to make a fruit fly trap.

1. Put a piece of rotting fruit in a bowl.
2. Pour vinegar over the fruit.
3. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
4. Make small holes in plastic wrap by poking with a sharp knife.
5. Place the bowl in area where the fruit flies are driving you crazy.

Fruit flies will fly in, but can't get out. It's magical.

P.S. Use a piece of really rotten fruit. Otherwise, you have to wait for the fruit to rot inside the bowl before the trap becomes very effective.



I love craigslist.

I do not like KSL.

I do not like KSL because then there are two separate forums that I need to search, when looking for an item to buy and that there are two separate forums that I need to post on, when trying to sell an item.

I do not like KSL because I feel like I am an advertising target.

I do not KSL because they do not provide adequate geographical search functions.

I do not like KSL because it is local. (Strange, I never thought I would use that as a reason NOT to like something, but in this case, it's a problem.)

I do appreciate that there are appropriate venues to sell items of value that do not involve parading all of your junk on your front lawn. Yes, I have had garage sales. (One of them grossed us $1000.) But my last garage sale took place in 2003, and believe me, it was my last.

And I do have a list of improvements I would like to see implemented by craigslist (like the function on ebay where I can be notified by email when an item within my parameters is listed). And there are some issues with explicit listings. And I wish they had the for sale category on a separate website since I'm not really into online discussion groups. Or personals.

Despite those qualms, I have decided to boycott KSL and will no longer be searching or listing on their website. (Easy for me to say now that we do not have any vehicles for sale.)

Craiglist will have to suffice on it's own for now. I am pretty satisfied with it. Last week when we cleaned out Derrick's room and posted a folding desk I bought when I was a sophomore in college, a desk chair we've had since we were first married, and a cork board from a DownEast tent sale. Sold all three for $50. Enough to make me feel okay with ordering pizza for my efforts.

And just think of all those people I helped. #1 The mom who just moved here from Washington and told me it was fate that brought us together because she was so frustrated with her children's school that she was ready to start home schooling. . . until I told her about Ogden Prep. #2 The recently-divorced young lady who got me to go down ten bucks from my listed price on the chair because she really needed to replace her folding chair that she sits in while studying for college classes at Weber State. (Part of her payment was made in change.) #3 The lady from Illinois who has searched high and low for two years for the very Pottery Barn surfboard cork board I was selling. At first I told her I wouldn't sell it to her because I wasn't interested in shipping it, but then she emailed me three detailed pictures to show me how to ship it, told me she would pay whatever it cost to ship, and threw in an extra ten bucks for my efforts. Guess she really wanted it.

And now I will warn you, stop reading here, if you are short on time and need to be productive.

Because now I want to tell you what happened the other day. I was editing a cover letter for a friend and googled "Dear Sir and Madam vs. Dear Madam and Sir" and came across a link that took me to best of craigslist. I never knew such a thing existed, but apparently, it's been on there since 2000.

I love the cautions that are listed at the top, stating that the postings are nominated by craigslist readers, and are not necessarily endorsed by craigslist staff. And that the postings maybe be explicitly sexual, scatalogical, (anyone else have to look that one up?) offensive, graphic, tasteless, and/or not funny. Please know that they are serious about all of those except for not being funny. Here are a few of my favorites that I read. When I should have been sleeping.

Dear Sir or Madam whole stole my bicycle wheel -m4m- -m4w-

Date: 2009-07-21, 2:25PM PDT, SF bay area

Dear Sir or Madam who stole my bicycle wheel,
I have a proposal.

For several days after you stole my 26" rear wheel from my mountain bike, you caused me a dilemma. All I could think of were two options.
1) Buy a new rear wheel: This hardly seemed worthwhile because my bike only cost $25 from Goodwill when I got it and a new back wheel/tire will cost two to three times that much.
2) Buy a used wheel from the Ashby Flea market: We all know this is where stolen wheels go to find new homes. (In fact, I have searched here for my wheel to no avail.) While this option is cheap ($10), it would feel like I am benefiting from someone else's misfortune. (Probably because I would be benefiting from someone else's misfortune).

But then I had a brilliant idea.

Rather than buying a new wheel or a used wheel stolen from someone else, why don't you sell me back my own wheel. I can pay you the $10 you would have made and then I can save the time and stress of finding a new wheel. If it makes a difference, I could even pay you in alcohol or whatever drug habit you were trying to feed.

We can even meet on the same corner where you took my wheel and make it feel all natural. You can walk by and say, "Hey buddy, I notice that your bike seems to be missing a rear wheel. Well, it just so happens I have an extra rear wheel right here with me. Would you like it?" And I can say, "You're right, kind sir. I am missing a rear wheel. That is very nice of you. It just so happens that I have $10 worth of alcohol, that I was going to use drown my sorrow about not having a bicycle wheel. But now that I have a bicycle wheel, I don't need it. Why don't you take it." And then we can both feel good about ourselves.

Please let me know if this works for you.


- - - - - - - - - - -

i need help moving my chickens

Date: 2009-07-26, 11:04PM CDT, Houston

I have approximately 1,243 chickens that need to be transported, i began my journey with my mini van but just was not working out, too many trips and too much $#!* and feathers, and with no ac it makes it very difficult when constantly tempted to roll the windows down, and because doing it all by hand i have lost 1 out of 4 chickens with my first 3 trips. if you have reasonable transportation for this chicken operation plz let me know. thank you.


- - - - - - - - - -

300 Stuffed Penguins Free to Good Home

Date: 2009-06-06, 5:38PM CDT, Austin

What I'm offering here is about 300 stuffed penguins of various shapes, sizes, and species (predominately Emperor, though--like the kind in March of the Penguins) to a deserving child.

I'm going through a pretty weird time in my life right now--having just gone through a break-up and graduated college and temporarily living in my parents' house before I move out for good in in the fall, though I remain unemployed because my philosophy degree is at *such* a premium--and sifting through my room (which has become a strange amalgam of my adolescence and burgeoning adulthood), it's been brought to my attention that I probably won't "catch a man" or have anyone believe I'm about to turn 23 with 300 penguins and a bunch of purple furniture around, that looking at my current room one might think some sort of 13-year-old with developmental issues is living here. I loved penguins as a child--long before they were trendy and had their own series of CGI movies or the godly voice of Morgan Freeman was involved--and collected them, often putting on penguin weddings and penguin ballet recitals where I made costumes for individual penguins, all of whom had names that I kept track of on my penguin censuses. I could recite all 16 species of penguin in alphabetical order...

...so, yes, I feel justified in saying I want a deserving child. A child that will really, well, love the penguins, and cherish his/her youth with them as it slowly slips away... Or, alternatively, some adult who has a great use for them, like if you are making the next big penguin movie (or play?). Or, if you are opening some new theme restaurant in town and need my penguins for your decor. As long as I'm auctioning off my childhood to the highest bidder, I reserve the right to be a little choosy.

E-mail with your intentions and we will work something out.

- - - - - - - - - -

I also enjoyed the post from the husband trying to sell his 1,325 pope hats to save his marriage, the businessman looking for a personal texting assistant since he can't handle responding to all of his texts on top of his regular workload, and the girl looking for a man with a very expensive sports car to pose having a conversation with her for thirty minutes on a Tuesday. Classy.

I never knew craigslist could be so entertaining. I'm betting there's no "Best of KSL".

Winner by a landslide: craigslist.


I look forward to this day all year long

Part of it may be the suspense, since we never know exactly when it will be, until it's here. But most of it has to do with peaches. Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free. Not really millions. But a lot. And they are HUGE!

My grandpa was a doctor. He took really good care of a lot of sick people and he delivered a lot of babies. Half of Cache Valley, I'm sure. And because of his extraordinary kindness and concern, he has a lot of friends who are very generous with him (and his descendants). My favorite affiliation he has is with a peach farmer from Brigham City. Every year, we get to go into the peach orchards with my grandpa and pick peaches before the pickers. My grandpa pays for all of the peaches and claims they are our Christmas present. We usually end up with a few "Christmas presents" before the year is over. . .

It is quite the treat, and this year was the best because #1 I got to go. (Last year I was home taking care of a sick kid.) #2 It didn't rain. #3 We actually took some pictures to document this wonderful tradition because I was there and it didn't rain. #4 We've learned our lessons about a few things and know how many peaches we can handle and to leave grounders on the ground.

Now I'm thinking I should have had Steve take the picture so it could have been a true four-generational photo.

I think this is the one picture I got where Adam doesn't have a peach in his mouth. (He just dropped it.)

P.S. Don't tell my grandpa you saw his picture on my blog. He doesn't think pictures belong on the internet. (To him, the internet = black hole. To me, he is the best grandpa in the world and everyone should get to see his charming smile.)


iFLYed and weLOVED it

In celebration of Derrick's 20th birthday today, we went to iFLY. Derrick, Rachel, and I did some "flying". It was my first time and I loved it. We finished up some five hours ago, but the kids are still so giddy about it that they are having an extremely hard time being quiet so they can fall asleep.

I am posting one video of each of us. And I will even include a bonus video that shows Lucy licking (yes, licking) the wind tunnel wall.





The Airplane Museum

Steve's dad, Richard, works at Hill Air Force Base. I believe his job is to order parts to fix planes. At some point, we must have told Rachel and Lucy that he actually fixes planes. Somehow, they have decided that he is personally responsible for physically fixing all of the planes that they see flying in the sky. They talk about it, casually, on a regular basis. We do not correct them.

Because of this, I've always thought it would be fun to have him take them to the Hill Aerospace Museum. After a couple of failed scheduling attempts, we finally went to the Airplane Museum on Saturday to commemorate Richard's 60th birthday.

I was really surprised by how large the museum was, but disappointed with the poor indoor lighting that was not conducive to taking pictures with my camera. The government should consider things like that, right? Rachel and Lucy love doing anything that involves their cousins, so they had a great time, but were actually a little less interested in the planes than I had expected. Adam loves seeing planes, he loves pointing to planes, and he loves shouting the word, plane. So, he had a wonderful time too. I think Derrick and Steve were probably the ones who learned the most about planes from walking next to Richard.

I'll admit, I may have been a little distracted. Maybe it's time for another round of professional pictures of Mykaeleigh so I don't feel compelled to keep taking so many pictures of her myself. And maybe I should have been snapping pictures of the birthday boy, but when you have a picture of your father-in-law wearing a pig nose, it kind of defeats the need for any other photos.

P.S. Did you know Victoria's Secret will not give you a bag unless you buy something from their store? Luckily, someone in the family had just stocked up on all sorts of goodies and was able to provide a bag for me. It was an extremely important part of our present and worth the effort when I heard Rachel tease him that we bought his present from "the lady store".


Another walk down 25th Street

Tonight, for Relief Society, we walked down 25th Street to see the painted horses. It was, by far, the easiest Enrichment activity I've ever planned. We even had a decent turnout, considering we didn't serve any food to lure attendees.

It wasn't the first time I've walked downtown to see the horses and it certainly won't be the last. Adam loves his horses. He will be absolutely devastated when they are removed in October. Christy and Ragan, the two on the right, have somehow persuaded me to go running with them in the mornings. They probably deserve some sort of award for that accomplishment.

Myrna made an appearance just in time to get her picture taken in front of the I Am Ogden horse.


Flat Ruby: Adam's New Girlfriend

Ever heard of Flat Stanley?

Well, Flat Ruby has been doing lots of things with our family lately over the last few days.

I got this darling picture of Ruby as a postcard, and Adam has decided that she is his new girlfriend. (Sorry, Keira.) He likes to take the picture with him everywhere we go.

He kind of treats it like a doll. I wipe his nose, he wipes Ruby's nose. I put Adam in his car seat, he puts Ruby in the empty car seat next to him. I even saw him rocking the picture to sleep and singing her a song.

I'm thinking Adam might have been feeling left out, since we spent the weekend oohing and ahhing over Mykaeleigh, who spent three nights at our house.

But Adam is a smart boy. He took the picture of Ruby to the bank this morning and asked the teller for another sucker for his girlfriend. She obliged, and he scored two Dum Dums.

I might just need another copy of that picture, Molly. Or do you suppose he needs a doll?


Free MP3 Download

To celebrate the milestone of surpassing over a million followers to Amazon's MP3's Twitter feed, you can get one of millions of songs valued at $1.29 or less for free.

Nothing like a new song to brighten your day. Especially when it's FREE! Click here for the instructions. Hurry fast, offer ends September 6, 2009 11:59 PM PDT.

I'm enjoying my free song right now: Life, Love & Laughter by Donavon Frankenreiter.