iFLYed and weLOVED it

In celebration of Derrick's 20th birthday today, we went to iFLY. Derrick, Rachel, and I did some "flying". It was my first time and I loved it. We finished up some five hours ago, but the kids are still so giddy about it that they are having an extremely hard time being quiet so they can fall asleep.

I am posting one video of each of us. And I will even include a bonus video that shows Lucy licking (yes, licking) the wind tunnel wall.






The Ballard's said...

Awesome. I am glad you had a good time. I wish I was brave. Cool videos. I am glad that my kids are not the only ones that would lick public places. I am sure that the wind tunnel is cleaner than the railing at Lagoon.

blakeandcourt said...

That is really cool. I wanted to take Blake their for his b-day a few years ago, but we never made it. Maybe we'll have to try again!

Molly said...

Ha ha... that guy could barely control the girls:)

Happy Birthday Derrick!

Amanda said...

Glad you had fun!!!

Jenny said...

My brother in law works there. We need to go check it out.

Kacie said...

I love Lucy...she is hysterical.

Lori said...

isn't ifly awesome! van and i went last year and loved it!