Two dancers and one monkey

Rachel and Lucy both performed tonight with their classes at the school carnival. Rachel's first grade class did a dance from Venezuela.

I used to think Rachel had a nervous itch. Then I decided she just itches all the time and is often nervous.

Ironically, she told me she was not nervous this year because she was wearing a mask.

Lucy's kindergarten class performed a Chilean dance.

Lucy's partner was Jacob Stott. They are an animated pair.

She was not the least bit nervous, in case you were wondering.

Not wanting to be left out of everything, Adam tried the rock climbing wall for his first time.

Thanks to Karen for taking the kids around to all of the carnival activities while I put in my volunteer hours, selling taquitos from Sonora Grill.

I'll be putting in more volunteer hours (for my husband, this time) selling taco salads at the Harvest Moon Celebration on 25th Street tomorrow. Come visit me.


Mike said...

So funny. I love that you perfectly described their personalities. Adam is getting too big:(

Kristin said...

So cute! I love your girls and I love that the mask made her not shy.