Being Evaluated

As many of you know, we are in the middle of Derrick's custody evaluation. I have spent the last week taking written psychological tests (no, I do not hear voices, no, I do not think everyone is out to get me, and no, I do not think anyone in my family has ever been concerned about my drug or alcohol usage), filling out stacks of forms, sorting through really cool records like text messages, audio recordings, and myspace postings, and compiling FOUR binders full of legal papers.

All for this cute little girl. Yes, she is definitely worth it. And the evaluation does seem to be going quite well. (The evaluator did make a mistake putting me, Steve, and Derrick at the same table as we all took the MMPI-2 test. Let's just say there was a lot of giggling.)

I have also managed to find the time (or rather, sacrifice some sleep) to make some grape juice. Have you ever seen anything so pretty? I was kind of disappointed when Steve moved some of them down to the food storage room. I would have liked to leave them all out on the counter so I could admire them for a few days.

I am pretty excited about these bottles I found at Smith & Edwards:

The lids are self-sealing, and I think most people fill them with syrup. I put grape juice in mine so I could have some ready next time we are invited to a quaint little lunch in a location like this. Someday.


Kacie said...

I have to say that I love seeing her in Indy's clothes....She is so cute!

Min said...

Baby Girl - adorable!

Grape Juice - yes pretty and delicious looking!

Smith and Edwards - cool
Bottles from Smith and Edwards - too cool!!

- Mindy S.

Molly said...

oh man i wish i had a place like that... so i could invite you over to get some precious grape juice. seriously.

and could she be any cuter? um... when are we going to snap some shots of her in that awesome high chair???

Rebecca said...

That grape juice is AMAZING! Thanks for giving me some the other night. It was worth it to move here just so I can be closer in case you want to invite me over for some grape juice:)

J&Jchambers said...

that picture is amazing of the yard, i feel like it should be your grandpa's backyard? is it? and i love those bottles that is a good idea that i think real simple should feature in their magazine! I love your blog by the way!

emily ballard said...

(Not my grandpa's yard.) If it were, I might ask to move in with him.

Lori said...

good luck with everything legal, what a huge task.

wish i knew how to make grape juice, it looks divine.

@udj said...

how much are those bottles? i want to drive to smith and edwards right now. how many quarts did you do? we got exactly fifty, but are already down 5. i don't think we did enough.

Mrs B said...

She is SO dang cute!!! I just want to eat her up. But more realistically(sp?) I want that grape juice to eat up. Those bottle are AWESOME.

emily ballard said...

The bottles are $1.00 each. The top is the same size as a Sobe bottle. So you could buy some lids and collect empty Sobe bottles too :)