Big News

Last week, Steve took over as managing partner of Rickenbacker's, an upscale restaurant in Ogden. It all came about pretty fast, and our heads are still spinning.

Adam is excited because of all of the planes. (It's located out by the Ogden airport.)
Lucy is excited because it is a fancy restaurant. (And she thinks she should wear fancy clothes to go there.)
Rachel is excited because they serve cheesecake. (And it's really good.)
I am excited because I've been bored and was looking for some new projects to occupy all of my free time. (Yeah, right.)

Actually, we are all very excited for this great opportunity.

We will be busy making some changes to the restaurant over the next few months. There will be a new logo, a new menu, a new look to the dining room, and new advertising.

Rickenbacker's has been open for about three years, but is kind of tucked away and has remained mostly undiscovered. Go check out the incredible mountain views for yourself. (The lunch menu is very affordable.)


Kristin said...

I am so excited to try it! I still haven't looked at the dates for the PW yet...but let's just plan on it!

Mike said...

Are you inviting me to lunch?

Mrs B said...

I had heard there was something in the works! Congrats! We'll be sure to stop in. Ty's been but has never taken me. Hmmm...

The Kimball Klan said...

So is he still doing Sonora Grill too?

jesieo said...

hi emily and steve! you might not remember me from logan, i was april's roommate and emily i think i visit-taught you for a bit, i stumbled upon your blog from lindsay olenslager's and wanted to say hi! you guys made such a cute family, i love all the pictures! congrats steve on the restaurant gig, best of luck to you both!--jesie (green) ostermiller

Anonymous said...

How exciting a great new restaurant to put on out list.


emily ballard said...

Cassie: Yes, now we have two restaurants. Double the work and double the good food to eat :)

Jesie: Of course we remember you! I found Lindsay's blog earlier this spring and then April found us through that too. I looked at your blog, but couldn't figure out where you live and exactly what you're up to (other than some amazing knitting). I saved your blog to mine so I can peek in on your neat projects. Send me an email (emily@thesonoragrill.com) or look me up on facebook (Emily Malouf Ballard).

Lori said...

That's cool. I had heard of that restaurant but never been. Good luck with all that entails!