I'm ready to put away the Halloween boxes.

They've been in my living room way too long.

It feels like Halloween should be over since I've spent all month thoroughly entertained by 31 days of Halloween costumes featured on my friend's blog.

And because we already went to the coolest Halloween party ever:

I wish I could show you pictures of all of the amazing decorations and activities from the party, but my camera is not-so-good with the indoor pictures. It's the biggest Halloween party I've been to since The Howl. So lets just say it's the biggest Halloween party that attracts people based on the party alone, and not because of scantily clad college girls. (I only fit into that category one year when I agreed to be a peacock with Bridgett and Brooke.)

I wish I would have taken more pictures of all of the great costumes at Jed's party, but this is all I got:

It's too bad you can't see a shot of me in the wet suit. (I was dressed as a triathlete.) Steve was not impressed. He says he gets to pick my costume next time. (He wasn't impressed last year either, when I was a pregnant nun, which, by the way, you shouldn't ever dress up as, unless you are actually pregnant.)

Two more days of Halloween. . . .


Kacie said...

Cutest zebra, chicken and princess ever....not so sure about the other one.....

Bridgett said...

Emily, I have to say that that year we THOUGHT we were scantily clad but were outdone by oh so many girls who were showing off much more than should be allowed.
I do appreciate your willingness to show some skin for us though:)

Min said...

Hey, I took a picture of you at the party didn't I? So the trick is to get a copy of it from Jed.

- Mindy S.

Kristin said...

Love the costumes. This Halloween was actually one of the more pleasant for me. Caleb really loved trick or treating this year and it made all the difference.