My Granpda: the Gardener, the Fisherman

My grandpa grows the biggest tomato plants around.

He also catches the biggest fish.

His most recent catch was documented in the Herald Journal last week. The lake trout he landed measured 30 inches long and weighed over 12 pounds. The article said he is likely to be the oldest fisherman (he turns 95 next month) to catch a fish that size out of Bear Lake.

My grandpa told me the next fish he caught weighed somewhere between 15-20 pounds, but broke his line.


Lisa said...

Is that tomato 10 ft. tall. Your gramps is amazing. Canning went very well. Haven't tried the beef yet, but we always love the chicken. I made marinara Monday. Small world:) Tell Steve I'm sorry, but when the end of the world comes (and this would be a good year since I have a good food storage) he'll be real happy you have tomatoes, and peaches and all other lovely things. You may want to invest in a 25 or 50 lb bag of chocolate chips. I figure they'll be a great bargaining tool:)

emily ballard said...

Yes, and that wasn't at the end of the season. Some years, he grows a tomato plant that goes up one cage, across another, and then down a third to form an arch that you can walk under. My parents like to grow tall plants too. Their pole beans shot up to over ten feet tall this year.

If there is ever a natural disaster, let's hope it happens in October. I've always figured that batteries would be good for bargaining. Chocolate chips sound good too.

Ramanda said...

Now that is one cool grandpa! Our time with these amazing older generation is not near long enough.

Ramanda said...
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